Canadians Beware

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Oct 14, 2022 by Martin Armstrong


If we are going to have a war is my money safe in my Canadian banks, or should I have some cash?


ANSWER: Canadians should keep some US dollars in cash. Trudeau canceled high-value notes. As of January 2021, he obtained the power to cancel Canadian currency as they do in Europe. Once that power was exercised, he would do it again. He is entirely on board with Klaus Schwab and this agenda of the World Economic Forum is intentionally pushing for war with Russia.

As I have said, Putin had ZERO intention of conquering Ukraine. This has been a propaganda war. The first thing you do is take down the power grid. I think if war is to come, Putin can wipe out Europe very easily – take down the power grid. With digital currencies and electric cars, this will only leave society extremely vulnerable as never before. So you want cash, for banks can be shut down by targeting the power grids.

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