Sex with Robots? 49% of Men say they would Give it a Try – Women 9%

Well, there seems to be a new sex revolution emerging – sex with robots with Artificial Intelligence. It may seem completely nuts, but something is going on. A friend of mine went to a baseball game and he sat next to two young girls 21 and 23. They were curious about the good-old days and told him they had never been on an official date. They explained that boys just called and said we are all going to meet at xyz, so come along. Have the younger generation just so completely changed that relationships are gradually fading away?

When you dig a little deeper, you find that the youth are not only living with their parents into their 30s, but they are not buying into the American Dream of owning your own home. Rents are cheaper. With some, I have spoken to and they say how their parents worked hard, put everything into the home, watched taxes soar and property values crash after 2007. They seem to be taking a different path in life altogether.

About half of American adults believe having sex with robots will become common in the next 50 years. About 49% of adult males are ready to give it a try now but only 9% of women. The first time this sort of thing was portrayed in a moved was back in 1990. The girlfriend was a hologram. Well, we are not quite at the hologram level of technology just yet, but the AI sex doll revolution seems to be taking hold.

Some of the benefits – no divorce settlements and I suppose you get a window seat when you travel. The Global Warming people will be happy since that means a lower birth rate. Then again, what will the government do? The Ponzi scheme of counting on the next generation to pay for the previous will completely collapse.

A new AI sex doll revolution would also have profound economic consequences for the government.

Make Austria Great Again – Nationalism Rises Amid Europe’s Latest Election Result…

Against growing immigration policy backlash, early results in the Austria election show the center-right People’s Party (OVP), led by Sebastian Kurz, winning with around 31 percent of the vote.  The second place party, Freedom Party (FPO), with around 27% is even more euro-skeptic and nationalistic minded.  The Social Democrat Party, the former lead party, has dropped to third place with around 26%.

(Via Express UK) The People’s Party (OVP) got 30.2 per cent of the vote, according to exit polls from Austrian news channel ORF.

Mr Kurz’s party is tough on migration, easy on taxes and widely Eurosceptic after rebranding itself over the last few months to propel its popularity in the wealthy Alpine nation.

He is expected to form a coalition with the right-wing populist Freedom party (FPO), who got 26.8 per cent of the vote, according to the latest projections.

Speaking after 85 per cent of the votes were counted, he told his cheering supporters: “Today we have won a huge mandate to change this country, and I promise you I will work with all my energy for change.

“We want to establish a new culture in politics. And we want to change the country for the better.”

Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Party, the largest party in the last government, are in third place with 26.3 per cent. (link)

(Via Reuters) There was a temptation after the Dutch and French elections this year to declare an end to the nationalist/populist wave in Europe. But last month’s German election, which saw the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party surge into the Bundestag, and now the Austrian election, say otherwise.

Despite a hard shift right by the conservative OVP under Kurz, the FPO appeared close to the all-time high of 26.9 it won in 1999. That result paved the way for it to enter government, a move which prompted a horrified European Union to impose sanctions against Austria. If the FPO enters the government this time, expect little more than a whimper.

The Austrian result showed that the refugee crisis of 2015 has left deep scars among European voters, especially in countries that were at the center of the storm. The number of asylum seekers entering Austria has fallen sharply over the past year. But migration was the dominant theme in the election.  (read more)

Madrid Threatens Imprisonment & Death to Catalonia Leaders?


The Apanish Government is clearly fascist and cannot escape that stigma. The day before the appearance of Carles Puigdemont in front of the regional parliament of Catalonia, the Madrid government has come out and warned the head of the with serious bodily threats that one would expect only from a dictator – not an elected democratic government. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s spokes person, Pablo Casado, came out and rejected all calls for any dialogue in Madrid with Catalonia. “We will not give in, and there is nothing to negotiate with the putschists,” said Casado.

Casados boldly stated publicly: “Anyone who declares it (independence) will end up like the one who declared it 83 years ago.” In Spanish history back in 1934, Lluís Companys i Jover (1882-1940) was the head of  Catalonia’s government, which proclaimed itself as an independent state back then as well. He and the entire regional government were arrested after a few hours by the Spanish army. He was exiled to France in 1939 but would not leave because his son was seriously ill. In 1940, Companys was captured and was handed over by the Nazi Gestapo to the dictator Francisco Franco (1939-1975). He was executed in Barcelona at 6:30 a.m. on October 15, 1940 for seeking Catalonian Independence. Lluís  refused to wear a blindfold, and was taken before a firing squad of Civil Guards barefoot. When they fired, his last words were ‘Per Catalunya!’ (For Catalonia!). Keep in mind that people were imprisoned for even speaking Catalonia’s language.

More than 90% of voters in Catalonia voted for a separation from Spain BECAUSE of Rajoy’s dictatorial attitude. Here is a banknote from the last Independence movement from our collection of the World Monetary System. The opponents of Independence, who had boycotted the vote by a majority, went to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday to protest against the separation. As the EU declines in an economic death spiral, things are only going to get worse over the next two years and Rajoy will see the Spanish outside of Catalonia rise up against his dictatorial-like reign.

For the Rajoy government to threaten killing any public official who again declares independence is just beyond belief. For the EU to standby and say nothing is even more of a disgrace. The federalization of Europe to Brussels now supersede human rights. It’s all about the politicians and power now.

The Euro has still been unable to reach the first key area of important resistance standing at the 125 area. We still see November as the critical turning point and a Panic Cycle as well. There is no doubt that Spain will impact the Euro and indeed may help to push the Italians to also vote to separate as they witness the fascist-style response of the Rajoy government. Taking to key institutions in Europe, what many now want to see is a resignation from Rajoy. He is doing tremendous damage to the image of Europe as a whole.

Meanwhile, there appears to be a run on the European Central Bank (ECB) itself. Banks have tendered this week calling in a total of 21.3 billion euros, which is the highest amount since March. Typically, this runs between 3 to 4 billion Euros. Many see this as rising concerns in Italy of a full blown banking crisis set in motion by the new ECB guidelines. Banks will now have to gradually cover all loans that are now classified as risky. In the case of new unsecured problem loans, 100% coverage is to be achieved after two years, and for new collateralized loan loans no later than seven years.

Others see the run being sparked also by Rajoy. The threats of violence against Catalonia’s leaders brings back the days of Franco and Nazi actions. This is just not going down very well behind the curtain.

Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte & His Exile in New Jersey

QUESTION: Years ago, while visiting Salamanca, Spain, I was told that Napoleon’s brother abandoned his rule over Spain and made off with a large cache of gold. I know that he fled Spain to New Jersey. Is there any truth to this gold story? If so, what economic impact did he and the gold have in New Jersey?


ANSWER: Yes, I grew up in New Jersey with the story of Napoleon’s brother living there in exile. He fled the British to America I suppose like Snowden going to Russia. It was on March 30, 1814, when the allied troops reached Paris. Joseph Bonaparte and his family fled at first to Switzerland. He bought an estate at Prangins, between Geneva and Lausanne. However, when Napoleon escaped from Elba in 1815, Joseph returned to Paris to join him. Then after Napoleon’s second abdication, Joseph gallantly offered to change places with his brother so the latter could board the American brig the Commerce, of Charleston, to America. Joseph had chartered that ship for his own escape. Consequently, Joseph left for the United States only when he heard that Napoleon had surrendered to Britain’s Captain Maitland of HMS Bellerophon.

The rumor that Joseph sailed with tons of gold from Spain was another conspiracy theory. However, the Commerce was twice boarded and inspected by the British. Joseph was prepared with fake papers. They worked and he managed escaping detection. He arrived in New York on August 28, 1815 . His Spanish ordinance officer Unzaga, his interpreter James Carret, his cook Francois Parrot, and his secretary Louis Mailliard all accompanied him. The rumor was that Congressman Henry Clay assisted Joseph and provided him with a hotel to stay in. Joseph left his wife Julie and his daughters in Paris. They later moved to Frankfurt and then to Brussels.

Joseph left New York City with the intention of meeting President Madison. Madison sent someone to intercept him and told that a meeting could not take place with the President. Joseph assumed the title of the Count of Survilliers, after a small property he owned near Mortefontaine. He was able to transfer a large part of his fortune to the United States, where he invested it. He rented a house in Philadelphia and bought an estate called Point Breeze in Bordentown, New Jersey. He also bought a large tract of land in upstate New York, to which he made extensive improvements. The latter contained a 1,200 acre lake which Joseph named Lake Diana, after the goddess of the hunt. It is now known as Lake Bonaparte.

Joseph’s home became gathering places for other Napoleonic exiles, including Charles and Henri Lallemand and Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes. He contributed generously to the French exiles’ Society for the Cultivation of the Vine and the Olive. Nevertheless, Joseph also developed friendships with many prominent Americans, including Nicholas Biddle of the First Bank of the United States, as well as Charles Ingersoll, Stephen Girard, Charles Stewart, and Joseph Hopkinson. He was elected a member of the American Philosophical Society, where he met more of America’s great names.

Joseph Bonaparte’s home in Bordentown burned down though in 1820. When they excavated the site they recovered some 14,000 artifacts. He left with some gold, but there is no real record of how much he took with him into exile. As for his wealth, it was transferred by banks from Switzerland to America at the Bank of the United States as a valued customer of Nicholas Biddle.

Madrid Waged Cyber-War & Catalonia Votes Overwhelmingly to Leave Spain

Catalonia voted overwhelmingly to secede from Spain. Of course, the hard line invasion of riot police who beat and threatened the people discouraged many from showing up with the turnout being only 43%. The fascist government in Spain has demonstrated to the entire world that there is a major country risk in dealing with Spain. Any government that uses force against democracy will do whatever it takes to sustain power as the economy gets wose going into 2021.

Hundreds of people were injured by riot police attempting to prevent voting, and this has only caused outrage and further protests solidifying the resolve to separate from such a fascist government. Both Canada and Britain allowed separatist votes. Why Spain deemed the vote illegal was clear that they knew they would vote to leave.

Madrid even waged a cyber-war against Catalonia. They sought to shut down the internet and even ordered Google to shut down traffic coming from Catalonia. Madrid has shown the future civil war tactic will be to shut down the internet to prevent communication.

Catalonia’s parliament may well now declare independence; Madrid could decide to impose direct rule on the region and the police have been transformed into terrorists resembling the imported Russian police in Ukraine. Barcelona is perhaps the most beautiful city in Europe. Obviously, Madrid will be off the tourist agenda in the years ahead.

Communism/Socialism = Better Sex for Women?

Believe it or not, the latest twist is Marxism provides better sex for women than capitalism. According to the latest study, Eastern women had twice as many orgasms as Western women when comparing the Germans after the Wall fell. What they fail to explain is that you really had no entertainment other than sex. Eastern European women who come to the USA have a hard time shopping even for toilet paper. I use to have a Russian girlfriend we met in Tokyo back in the ’90s. When she came to the States and we would go shopping, she was perplexed. How do you make a decision between so many brands of toilet paper? she would ask. In Russia, she said, there was just one.

Researchers claim that women under Communism reported greater sexual satisfaction. They remarked that East German women suffered from the notorious double burden of formal employment and housework compared to postwar West German women who remained at home and enjoyed all the labor-saving devices produced by the the capitalist economy. The women who stayed home in the West had less sex than women who had to line up for toilet paper under Communism.

Well I suppose the less is, bring back Marxism, surrender all rights, TV isn’t worth watching since all the news is fake, and just have sex.

EU Press Release Show They Support Tyranny

The press release put out by the EU is just amazing. A dictator can write any law he desires declaring something to be illegal. The EU relies upon that unethical law to claim that Catalonia has no right to vote. Canada allowed Quebec to vote twice and Britain allowed Scotland to vote. Why is Catalonia denied any right to ever vote? The EU has the audacity to actually write:

“If a referendum were to be organised in line with the Spanish Constitution it would mean that the territory leaving would find itself outside of the European Union.”

So in other words, had they won an illegal vote, then they would be outside the EU so therefore the EU cannot intervene to defend human rights? So the civil war in Syria is against what they call a dictator and that is OK, but the people inside Europe have no right to demand a change in government at all. I am sure the Syrian government would also say the rebels are acting illegally and cannot overthrow the government. Quite honestly, everyone government throughout history has taken that position no matter if they are a monarchy, dictatorship, tyrannical, or elected republican or democratic.

Well as Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that the king also declared was unlawful:

“When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Spanish & Italian Bonds Hit

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; the Spanish and Italian bonds are getting hit. You were spot on again.


REPLY:  Yes the peripheral spreads on the Spanish government bonds (at 10yrs) are 8bp wider than Friday close. Italy is also widening – out by 6bp but still early in the trading day just yet. The Spanish IBEX is off -1.45% (Banks down between 2.5% and 5%).

The Italian election will come May 20th, 2018. That is the end of this year from Political Hell. We will see the anti-EU sentiment now rise in Italy and in Eastern Europe. The EU made a very serious mistake. They did not support the people and democracy, but sided with the fascist government because it was in their own self-interest to crush Catalonia. This confirms that the EU is tyranny and cares nothing about the people.

The Death of Socialism – the Rise of Tyranny


I tend to agree with your view about the decline in socialism.  However, I fear it will be replaced with the other extreme. Doesn’t the pendulum usually swing from one extreme to another?



ANSWER: Absolutely. This is the ONLY reason I am doing what I do. The risk is that we turn more authoritarian and lose all our rights. This is the trend in motion. “Socialism” as far as benefiting the people has been a mere fraud and this is what people are rising up about without identifying in this exact manner.

Socialism gave government extraordinary power. They love that power. What you are witnessing in Spain is the real essence of this thirst for power and they will never hesitate for one second about killing the people. Marx handed government this whip of power. Millions have died ever since. When Shakespeare wrote “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers” he was really speaking about government prosecutors. They care nothing about honor, dignity, morality, or ethics. Their job is to trash the constitution and maintain their 98.5%+ conviction rate. If the parents of these people knew the evil they inflict upon society, they would NEVER be proud of their children. I have NEVER met a prosecutor who has EVER been ethical. They are far worse than the people they prosecute and the court appointed lawyers who manage to lose every case are just as worthless individuals at the end of the day. This is all a symptom of the decline and fall of civilization.

We will have a brief shining moment to push the pendulum back in the opposite direction. My fear is what what comes after 2032 is another PUBLIC WAVE. We must be very careful that this battle for power does not extinguish everything worth living for.

People are writing in and asking why am I always right. All I have done is put the pieces together and it is not that hard to understand what makes everything move and shake when the computer monitors the world. God does not speak to me in the middle of the night. If he did, I would ask, can I go home now?

I have a family and if I were selfish, I would care less about them and only myself. I would not be writing this right now and I would be on some island waiting for the mushroom cloud on the horizon to signal it is all clear. But I have a family. Trust me, not even they want to look at what I see so I just do what I need to do and do not preach to them. They will see it when it smacks them in the face.

There are those of us who see. Just remember, you cannot force others to see what you see. The best you can do is soft-peddle and simply point out the trend and let the light go on in their own mind. So enjoy this gift of life while you can. Just keep one eye open fixed on the horizon. When it is time – you will know it.

So until it is time for Scotty to beam me up, I am trapped here, compelled to watch what I do not want to see and I cannot change the channel. History repeats because human motivation remains the same throughout all time and circumstance.

Marxism/Socialism Is On the Decline


I have warned that we are in a period where SOCIALISM is collapsing – not CAPITALISM. The distinction is manifest in rising retirement ages, reduction in social benefits, and rising taxation. This is also evident in politics. The Democrats really have no face to put forward as their leader. Hillary lost and even Elizabeth Warren is way out of touch for the average American.

Nevertheless, we are seeing this trend where socialists in politics are in a major decline. The Democratic Party in the USA has been declining ever since FDR won the first election in 1932. Each time the Democrats win, it has been with lower highs and the declines are always making lower lows. Looking at the map of Democratic states with governors, it is shocking to say the least. This is why the press is fighting so hard against Trump and the Democrats are desperate to keep the proposition that Hillary should be president and was prevented only by the Russians. Of course, there is no allegation that any of the emails released from the Democrats were forged. So the info was real regardless of who hacked the Democrats.

Looking around the world we see the same trend, In Germany, the SPD is losing seats. Everywhere we look, Socialist parties are on the decline. Der Spiegel published an article highlighting the same same we have been forecasting  that there is a decline of socialist parties in Europe as well. Der Spiegel noted that even a strong socialist candidate in Austria still struggles with the baggage of the “old, sclerotic social democracy.”

We have tagged this past year as the Year from Political Hell. We have witnessed BREXIT, the election of Trump, and the decline of Democrats throughout the USA. In Germany, the socialists were part of the government in 10 out of the 15 countries within the European Union (EU). Der Spiegel suggested that there was a real chance that German Social Democrats will no longer be part of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition following the German vote. The AfD has been rising and soared a major victory winning seats for the first time illustrating the shift to the right.

We are witnessing the same trend in Italy and this too could be an upset in early 2018. If Italy turns away from the socialists, then center-left parties could collapse and hold only 6 EU member states out of 28. That means the socialists would be reduced to the periphery: Malta, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Even the left-wing Syriza alliance in Greece has proved to be a joke failing to do anything for Greece whatsoever.

In the Netherlands, the Labor Party captured only 5.7% of votes in the last election. French Socialist Party candidate won only 6.4% of the vote, and his party went on to receive a miserable 9.5 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections a short time later. In Poland, the Social Democrats lost everything and no long hold even a single seat. In Norway, the Labour Party lost to the conservatives. The only place where the socialists gained was in Britain. There the Marxist/Socialist Jeremy Corbyn won among the youth with promises that could never be kept.

All of this warns that society is turning more to the right because the socialists have reduced economic growth, jobs, and the living standards by raising taxes. The words of King Oscar II of Sweden seem to be coming true.