Biden Energy Security Official Says Administration Cannot and Will Not Accept or Approve Long-Term Oil and Gas Development

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 19, 2022 

This guy popped up after the trip to Saudi Arabia and has been spouting hypocrisies ever since.  In this first segment, White House senior energy adviser Amos Hochstein, in charge of U.S. energy security, says the administration cannot accept or approve any long-term oil and gas development that undermines the urgency of the crisis they are exploiting.

Instead, Hochstein says U.S. energy producers should invest in oil and gas development that turns an immediate profit. [Pro-tip, that doesn’t exist.]  Keeping the oil and gas industry in a perpetual state of shortage, overcapacity and expense, allows the “transition” to windmills and solar to remain urgent.  Put another way, the energy crisis is part of the plan. WATCH:

Mr. Hochstein also appeared on Fox News this afternoon to claim that coal is the worst of the worst and must never be used again.  When asked about Germany going back to coal to replace Russian gas, Hochstein says that’s a terrible plan.  However, Hochstein was never confronted over the stupid part of his anxiety.

Germany is being forced to use coal because Biden/Hochstein have triggered energy sanctions against Russia that stopped the flow of natural gas.  Germany is being forced to use the horrible coal because Biden/Hochstein is forcing them to.

In order for ideologues to retain their insane ideological positions, they must pretend not to know things.  Unfortunately, we do not have a media that is capable of calling them out on the hypocrisy and challenging the weakness of their positions.  Thus, the great pretending continues….


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