Liz Truss Becomes PM – Dark Day for Britain

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Sep 5, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Liz Truss has been made Prime Minister of Britain. This was expected, but also the darkest day possible for Britain. Previously, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace had backed Liz Truss’ view that Russian forces must be pushed out of “the whole of Ukraine” – and suggested this should include Crimea. Even the Guardian at the time had accused Liz Truss’ position was “recklessly inflaming Ukraine’s war to serve her own ambition.” Meanwhile, in Russia, this was playing out on TV endorsing World War III.

Everything that can possibly point to war is unfolding before our eyes. There are no peacemakers left in the world. Every leader appears to be pushing for war because the monetary system is cracking. Those who think that Russia starting its own gold market will eliminate the manipulations in London do not understand what is taking place. This is the dividing of the world economy that simply follows removing Russia from SWIFT and joining with China to make CIPS the leading global platform for international commerce. This is not about gold prices in Russia v London. This is about the end of GLOBALIZATION and the world economy so carefully constructed post-WWII.

The leaders in the West have been borrowing year after year with no intention of ever paying anything back The lowering of rates to negative in Europe in 2014 undermined the pension funds in Europe as they are effectively insolvent in most cases if they stuck to Euro debt. The Scandinavian funds are outside the Euro and while some struggled to pretend to be “green” they did their best to limit those losses.

When we look at British Politics, it appears that there will be a big shift in 2025. Look off to 2031. That is where the computer is picking up a Panic Cycle, which is corresponding to 2032. As I have warned, the risk of international war appears to be unfolding post-2024. And as far as that inflation goes, it looks like all the sanctions on Russia have backfired. Yet no Western politician will dare tell the truth. And they are now going after farmers? We are staring at serious civil unrest rising globally next year for these brain-dead WOKE politicians who are destroying our way of life.

Trudeau Throws C$100 Million at Woke Agenda

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Sep 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

As Canadians grapple with inflation, most taxpayers are eager to spend money on 2SLGBT programs and awareness. Well, at least that is what the Trudeau Administration falsely believes. The government has budgeted C$100 million for 2SLGBT initiatives. Sadly, they have the power to spend this money recklessly without the taxpayers’ consent.

I had to look up 2S since the acronym continues to grow by the day. The first search result in Google is from a website intended for Canadian children to understand the infinite amount of genders:

“Two-Spirit (or 2 Spirit or 2S): an important term within some Indigenous cultures and for some Indigenous people, meaning a person with both a feminine and a masculine spirit living in the same body. This is often used to describe sexual orientation, gender identity and/or spiritual identity.”

It is a shame that this is what children are learning in classrooms. So where in the WTF is this money going? Apparently, 75% will go toward diversity and inclusion, “where the real work of support comes from,” Trudeau said. That is a very broad way to say they plan to use the money however they see fit. Around C$5 million will go toward a public awareness campaign, and an additional will C$7.7 will be spent on data collection and research.

People can live life however they see fit. I do not care what you do behind closed doors. However, the taxpayer should not need to foot the bill for this alternative lifestyle. This plan will only cause people to feel a divide between traditional vs alternative lifestyles. Even many with alternative lifestyles see that this woke agenda has gone too far. “This will guide our ongoing work to fight discrimination, break down barriers, to advance rights, and to build a future where everyone in Canada is truly free to be who they are and love whom they love,” Trudeau said. Love thy neighbor for free and not at the cost of C$100 million.

The Last Two Neutral European Countries

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Aug 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

It seems as if everyone is supplying Ukraine with money and weapons. I would not blink if I saw Russia itself had provided Ukraine with weapons as everything has become so absurd. Yet, nothing seems to be enough. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called out the two European countries that have not supplied weapons for the proxy war. “With the exception of Hungary and Austria, the supply of weapons to Ukraine is not a taboo for any other European country, although it was (before),” said Kuleba.

Levente Magyar, Hungary’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, explained their reasoning for staying neutral. “Unlike many Western partners, we have experienced for ourselves what it is like to confront this huge Eastern state. At the same time, Hungary itself will not supply weapons — this is our strategic position. However, third countries can use our territory,” Magyar noted. Hungary simply does not wish to engage in war with a large Eastern power. They are protecting the Hungarian population living in the far-western Transcarpathia region from Russian attacks.

Austria has also committed to neutrality and has made that clear since the beginning of the war. First, Austria is not officially a NATO country and does not have that protection. According to Al Jazeera, 80% of Austrians do not want any involvement in the Western alliance. We all know of a certain dictator who grew up in Austria and started the last world war. Austria attempted to act as a diplomat between the East and West, with Chancellor Karl Nehammer visiting Moscow earlier in the year. The trip produced no results.

Both nations have offered humanitarian resources or opened their borders to Ukrainian refugees. They should not be shamed for steering clear of war. Look at their not so distant histories. The oldest generations have experienced untold suffering. There is no benefit for either country to become involved in a growing global conflict.

The World According to Schwab?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Aug 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION:  Dear Mr. Armstrong,
First, thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I have been following your blog for many years and am always amazed at your insight and historical knowledge. I had a question regarding your assertion that the WEF/ Globalists will not win. I am assuming you mean that their vision of a worldwide Chinese-style technocracy run by the United Nations will not take hold. But if we are also looking at the certain breakup of the United States from which there is no turning back, a defeat in WWIII with China and Russia as they win and rise to be the main players on the world stage, are we not losing everything, anyway?
How will we ever hope to restore peace, liberty, democracy, and prosperity as most American citizens understand it if China and Russia end up controlling everything, and our country is left permanently fractured and therefore weaker?
Again, thank you for everything you do to help people understand what’s coming down the road. Your insight is always invaluable.


ANSWER: All we can do is look at history. As my mother used to say, There’s a time and place for everything.” What we are looking at is simply the natural cycle of the rise and fall of nations. Schwab will fail with Soros, and their dream of a one-world government is absolutely stupid, and it illustrates that both are totally ignorant of history or humanity. Just look at Congress. They vote on party lines. There is no agreement, and you really expect that the world can be brought to a one-world government?

The EU is not working, and that was the very same theory. The old tensions and distrust go back centuries in Europe. The Germans refused to join if all the debts were combined, and now you have countries complaining that one pays more in interest rates than another. Here is the former head of France stating in Parliament that the entire idea of the EU was that this one-European government would end all European wars. This was pushed by Schwab and Soros.

The EU Commission came to our 1997 WEC in London. I warned them that this would fail without the consolidation of the debts. They said that they just had to get the euro in and then worry about the debts later. I tried to explain the crisis to Kohl, but he would not listen. He would not even put joining the euro to a vote, knowing that the German people would reject the whole idea.

When Rome fell, it broke up into fiefdoms. The barbarians issued coins that imitated that of Rome. They pretended to be Roman, for they wanted the air of that civilization. There was no unity — all separated enclaves. It was not until Charles Martel (c. 688–741), who established the Caroline dynasty, where Charlemagne (747–814 AD) was eventually crowned as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope. Do you see the trend to create unified states once more?

Therefore, following the collapse of Rome, it was the typical cycle of 31.4 x 8.6 years = 270 years before we began to see the rise once again of formal civilizations. Europe had broken apart into simple fiefdoms that were not united. The unification came only because the Arabs began to seek the conquest of Europe and Charles Martel began to rise up to defend when became Europe once again after the Battle of Tours. He unified the Franks into a nation-state.

When Charles died, he divided Francia between his sons, Carloman and Pepin. Charlemagne came to power under Pepin. Pepin’s death opened the door to civil war as the conflict between his heirs and the Neustrian nobles who in turn sought their own political independence.

While the silver denier became the coin of Europe during the 8th century, it was not until the 13th century that we see gold reemerge as coinage. In actual Europe, that took nearly 800 years to pass before gold coinage reappeared.

However, after the Great Monetary Collapse of gold in the Byzantine Empire in 1092, it took 172 years for good gold to reappear in Europe. When Constantine founded Constantinople in 330 AD and moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to his new city, which is now Istanbul, the seat of power shifted from Byzantium back to Europe. That interval was again about 800 years.

Columbus was trying to get to India, which was the financial capital, for it moved to Asia after the fall of Byzantium. That is why he calls the Americans “Indians.” He chose the wrong Greek mathematical who thought the world was round but smaller than it actually is. Columbus’ discovery of America was by sheer accident.

The West will fall and fragment. I do not see the US being occupied by Russia and China. There will be no one-world government. That is NEVER going to take place. Even in the aftermath, when the West has fallen, you will then see Russia and China become foes. Cycles are inevitable. So the world, according to Schwab, is the dream of a fool who ignores human nature and history.

The Country with the Highest Mortality Rate in Europe

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Aug 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The average death rate in June across the European Union was 6.2%. Portugal experienced a 23.9% uptick in deaths this June compared to the same period throughout 2016 and 2019. Between 2016 and 2019, Portugal was averaging 276 deaths per day. By June of last year, this figure spiked to 341 people per day with 10,217 perishing in that four-week period.

Portugal is the second most vaccinated country in Europe, behind Malta. The aging population over 85 has the highest rate of mortality, naturally, but there have been fewer deaths among people aged 65 to 84. There have been 5,781 COVID-related deaths in the nation this year, but excluding COVID deaths, total mortality still rose by 5%. Infant deaths have sadly increased over the past year as well from 107 to 142.

The Ministry of Health is conducting a study to determine the cause. The agency said they were paying special attention to deaths “that coincide with the greatest intensity of COVID-19 and heat.” Yet, the mortality rate was on the rise between February and April before the heatwaves swept across Europe. Additionally, deaths not attributed directly to COVID are on the rise, so neither heat nor COVID could explain the uptick. Could the high vaccination rate be to blame? The government will likely never reveal the truth, but one variable that certainly has changed is the high vaccination rate.

Unvaccinated Mothers Forced to Pay Back Maternity Leave in BC

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Aug 22, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Mothers (also known as “birthing people” to the woke) in BC are no longer entitled to maternity leave unless they cave and take the vaccine. This is the very vaccine that has provenly caused issues in fertility and comes with a plethora of side effects. The vaccine does absolutely nothing to prevent transmission and infection. But the government is so eager to retain power under the guise of COVID while pushing forth the Great Reset that they are continuing to force the public into dangerous situations.

“The vaccination policy stipulates that BC Public Service employees who do not receive two doses of vaccination against COVID-19, or refuse to disclose their vaccination status, and do not have an approved exemption request, are to be placed on a leave without pay for a period of at least three months, after which they may be terminated,” the BC government writes on their website. The province required employee mandates on November 8, 2021.

The government offers around 80% salary compensation for mothers on leave. How else do they expect women to exist in the workforce (looking at you, America)? Any mother who disobeyed the vaccine mandate and did not receive an exemption may be forced to forfeit their maternity pay.

The COVID hysteria may have ended, but the tyranny continues. Canadians are continually losing their jobs for making independent health decisions. What will happen when they mandate more boosters? The collective must rebel against such tyranny.

Interview: An Introspective Look At The Collapsing Republic & Push For Global Totalitarianism

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong in the Media Re-Posted Aug 20, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

“Massive civil unrest in the US starting in 2023, Word War 3 on the horizon, inflation to only get progressively worse, and the elites going all out to push their Great Reset on humanity. Legendary economic forecaster and astute scholar of history and human nature Martin Armstrong speaks with Ryan McCormick from The Outer Limits of Inner Truth ( to discuss his predictions and insight on the topics above.

Armstrong reveals what to expect and what people can do in the volatile years ahead. Also, if we can weather the storm till 2032, things should clear up, and humanity should be knee-deep in a peaceful enlightenment period by 2040.”

Op Ed, DC Foreign Policy Crowd Demands More Weapons and Money for Ukraine, U.S. Southern Border Not So Much

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 19, 2022 | Sundance

Amid a lengthy op-ed published in The Hill, you will find this paragraph:

[…] “Although the Biden administration has successfully rallied U.S. allies and provided substantial military assistance, including this month, to Ukraine’s valiant armed forces, it has failed to produce a satisfactory strategic narrative which enables governments to maintain public support for the NATO engagement over the long term.” (link)

Doesn’t that paragraph basically say Biden hasn’t been doing enough to produce good propaganda to keep the public interested?

The signatories of the op-ed are a veritable who’s who of U.S. foreign policy intervention, including the same crew involved in the first Trump impeachment effort.

Apparently, they are losing World War Reddit.

The UK has a Refugee Problem

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Aug 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Migrants are risking their lives by boarding small boats to cross the English Channel to the UK. Over 600 people on 14 ships reached Britain last Saturday alone. About 1,843 illegal immigrants crossed into the UK in 2019, but that number quickly multiplied to 28,526 in 2021. Now, the nation is bracing for 60,000 undocumented illegal immigrants in 2022.

The government does not know how to handle the giant influx. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson did recognize the problem, but his strategies failed. Brexit allowed us to take back control of legal immigration by replacing free movement with our points-based system, we are also taking back control of illegal immigration, with a long-term plan for asylum in this country,” Johnson said in a prepared speech. Yet, the woke crowd will not let the UK expel immigrants despite not having the capacity to handle such a sharp uptick in arrivals.

There was the failed flagship Rwanda policy that suggested flying migrants to Rwanda, Africa. One flight was attempted before it was grounded at the last minute by the European Court of Human Rights. Some in the UK blame France for allowing migrants to pass their waters into the UK. The real culprit is former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who opened Germany up to all Syrian refugees and, therefore, the EU’s borders to any asylum seeker years ago. The Mediterranean nations in the EU have been asking for help to no avail.

The UK has more options since Brexit but must tread lightly. The Royal Navy cannot simply sink ships filled with women and children. Smugglers are running the seas and navigating these small boats to UK shores from the EU or Turkey. The potential of a life sentence for smuggling does not seem to be enough of a deterrent. The UK has a broken asylum system that needs to be fixed as the radical uptick in undocumented arrivals is unsustainable.

Oliver’s Twist, Policymakers Legislating Against the People – It’s Not About Going Green, It’s About Going Without

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 18, 2022 | Sundance

Last Saturday’s weekly monologue by Neil Oliver was a tremendous hit, helping to awaken millions of people from multiple nations about the true intent of this new governing system as promoted by policymakers on behalf of corporate interests [SEE HERE].

Earlier today (UK time) GBNews host Mark Steyn had Mr Oliver appear in studio to expand the conversation.  What results from Steyn and Oliver is a brilliant segment outlining the nature of this new governing system.  A system structured on the standard that disconnected policymakers are legislating to the needs of corporations.

When you remove the old “representative democracy” scales from your outlook and replace the lens with an understanding that representation now means representing the needs of multinational interests, almost all of the contradictions reconcile.

From that perspective, the Build Back Better or Green New Deal (climate change) agenda is not about replacing the system of energy production with a green system that duplicates the output. The intent of the new program is to produce less energy and then modify the uses of the now limited resource.  In one of the examples given, 30 million gasoline powered cars are not expected to be replaced by electric vehicles, a personal transportation system of far fewer vehicles is the goal.  WATCH (prompted):