Biden Announces U.S. Air Defense System for Ukraine Following Retaliatory Russian Missile Attacks

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 10, 2022 | Sundance

In a statement today from the White House, Joe Biden has pledged “to continue providing Ukraine with the support needed to defend itself, including advanced air defense systems.” [link]  The statement comes as a result of a phone call between Biden and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Two days ago, a bridge between Russia and Crimea was bombed by Ukraine causing a section of the bridge to collapse.  Yesterday, Vladimir Putin retaliated with missile strikes against several cities in Ukraine and key infrastructure for energy.

The U.S. State Dept and CIA are continuing to lead and coordinate the Ukraine war effort with U.S. personnel in place to organize operations. [link]

Like the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline, it is highly likely the Kerch Strait bridge targeting was planned by Ukraine and the United States.  However, we are not permitted to speak about these coordinated efforts. The bottom line is the U.S. Biden administration going further toward direct engagement with Russia via the proxy state of Ukraine.

KYIV, Ukraine — President Vladimir V. Putin unleashed a far-reaching series of missile strikes against cities across Ukraine on Monday, hitting the heart of Kyiv and other areas far from the front line, in the broadest assault against civilians since the early days of Russia’s invasion.

Mr. Putin said the strikes on almost a dozen cities were retaliation for a blast that destroyed sections of a bridge linking Russia to the Crimean Peninsula, though they also seemed intended to appease hard-liners in Russia who had been openly critical over the prosecution of the war.

Denouncing the bombing of the Kremlin-built bridge, an embarrassing blow, as a “terrorist attack,” Mr. Putin threatened more strikes if Ukraine hit Russian targets again.

“No one should have any doubt about it,” he said. (read more)

BIG PICTURE – The baseline for the global aspect to the Ukraine conflict remains rooted in the economic cleaving underway.  Saudi Arabia has expressed their alignment with OPEC+, including Russia, on a coordinated oil supply.  The NATO alliance broadly wants to pressure their partners away from oil, coal and natural gas.   Thus, today in addition to the phone call with Zelenskyy, Joe Biden called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz:

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke today with Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany.  The leaders reiterated their condemnation of Russia’s attempted annexation of Ukrainian territory, as well as their ongoing commitment to hold Russia accountable for its brutal actions and provide security and economic assistance to Ukraine. The leaders also discussed recent developments in global energy markets and the importance of securing sustainable and affordable energy supplies.” (link)

The western ideologues, politicians, corporations and banks (yellow on map) are trying to force a new global energy system.  However, there is opposition from multiple nations (grey on map) who see the effort to shift away from oil, coal and natural gas as economic suicide.

We are now starting to see currencies like Brazil and Mexico having greater stability and growth than the value in U.S. dollars.  That said, in the long term the economics of this conflict will ultimately decide the outcome.

The citizens within the western alliance nations are suffering the consequences of the global economic cleaving.  Energy driven inflation, a purposefully created problem, is creating a recession amid the western alliance nations.  The monetary policy of U.S., EU, CA, NZ and AU is currently constructed to lower economic activity to support the reduced amount of energy resources available.

Specifically, because the Ukraine conflict is being used as a justification for political economic and monetary policy, there appears to be no limit in what the U.S. will do to widen the ideological war against Russia.  Unfortunately, the era of great pretending forbids anyone from talking openly about the true root of the issue.

It seems clear now that NATO, led by the USA, is willing to escalate a European war if that’s what it takes to protect the climate change goals.

Without Russia as the bad guy, the Build Back Better agenda becomes naked to the world.  The Ukraine conflict provides a visible shield to prevent any larger discussion.  Reference the attempt by Elon Musk to mitigate the Ukraine conflict by talking about a peace deal with Russia keeping the Russian speaking eastern Ukraine.  In the week since that proposal became international fodder for ridicule, the conflict in Ukraine has intensified.  This is not coincidental.

We are pretending our way into a war.

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