Raising Highway Speeding Tickets to 175% of Your Weekly Income

British Speed Trap

A word to the wise. Any American traveling to Europe, you are better off hiring a limo driver or call Uber than drive yourself. In Europe, they have speed cameras everywhere. If you are 1 KM over the speed limit in Switzerland, the camera goes off and you have a fine. It’s not like America where even on an interstate highway with a 65 mph limit, traffic typically moves at 80 mph and police will start to look at you over 80. Local municipalities are different. Some of them are so broke they make up stuff.

In Europe, they fine you using cameras, which are also illegal in the USA. You have a right to confrontation and a camera cannot testify against you in court. Those state who adopted the red light cameras used them for revenue, but you would not get any points on your license because they too were unconstitutional.

The Europeans are simply totally insane. They fine you in proportion to what you can pay. In Britain, they are setting this at 175% of the weekly wage. So if you were a CEO earning $25 million a year, your fine will be $841,346.

In 2010, motorcycle was clocked at 164 mph. They let him keep his license if he paid $12k to Canadian authorities for speeding ticket. Then there is Finland which also adjusts speeding ticket fees based on the driver’s annual income. One driver caught doing a measly 15 over in a 50 mph zone and since he made about $7mil a year, his speeding ticket was almost $60K.

There was the Nokia phone director Anssi Vanjoki who was rising his Harley-Davidson in Helsinki, Finland and got tagged going 47 mph in a 31 mph zone. They fined him €116k. Straight out of the Communist Manifesto, in 2004, a 27-year-old heir to his family’s sausage business was hit with a with a $217k ticket for going 50 mph in a 25 mph.

Then there was the Swiss millionaire speeding at 85 mph in a 50 mph zone. The court said his net worth was $22.7m and since he had a previous speeding ticket, the court fined him $290,000. Yet even this is not the record for speeding tickets. The Swiss are simply really out worshiping Marx. A Swedish driver in a Mercedes-Benz SLR in Switzerland got caught going 186 mph. He was fined €650,000, which back in 2010, was $1 million.

Making fined based upon income is definitely the ultimate Marxist agenda. Worse yet, you are being caught by a camera and need not even be chased like in some Hollywood Movie like the Fast And Furious.

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