1871 Act making DC a Corporation

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QUESTION: I am finding it hard to find the Act of 1871 in the Constitution.
Can you please help me find it.

ANSWER: The Act of 1871 incorporated the District of Columbia – NOT the United States!. Here is an article about it when it passed. Trump did not dissolve the US and Biden is not the president of just DC.  The United States was NOT bankrupt in 1933. Virtually the entire world defaulted in 1931 and the US dollar rose in value so high that it forced FDR to devalue the dollar for trade purposes. The US ended up with 76% of the world gold reserves because Europe destroyed its economy twice with both world wars. These claims are total nonsense! Municipal governments are always corporations.

Trump may start a third party and the name being floated around is the Patriot Party. Unless 17 Republicans vote guilty and then they can join the Democrats and bar5 him permanently from ever running for president. Keep in mind that there are swamp-creatures also in the Republican party like McConnel. Since they too are up there in years and unlikely to be around for 2024, they would have no problem voting against him to save the swamp.

I really do not see why people need to keep making up crazy stories. All I can assume is they are doing so to deliberately flush people out. Others may simply be unfamiliar with what they are even talking about. There were videos going around that the Supreme Court was trying to tell Trump how to file after they dismissed the Texas suit. That was just laughable! They filed under the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court whereas claiming they needed to file under Article III was already attempted. That is filing in a district court, then the appeals court, and then to the Supreme Court. If they wanted to take the case they would have. There were two dissents. That was a political decision to preserve the swamp – plain and simple.

Here is the full article.

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Is the Federal Government of the USA a Corporation?

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Some have written in and said then explain why the US is a corporation citing 28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions. Perhaps they did not realize that all local governments are corporations right down to your local municipality. A corporation is a group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law. So what? That does not mean that Trump can dissolve the United States. This is just complete nonsense that gets people into trouble.

So you can kill someone and then as your defense, you claim the US is just a corporation and this has no power to prosecute you? I suggest you ask Wesley Snipes how the claim that the Income Tax is illegal because all the states did not ratify it went for him.

We have to deal with the real world. You will NEVER defeat the United States in a court of law with judges appointed by them and argue there is no power. Never going to happen!

.I am not here to tell you what you would like to hear. Sorry – I am not a politician.

Complete Collapse in Economic Theories

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QUESTION:  Hi Martin, the dollar’s performance bucks logic, especially with Federal Reserve officials spending all week to deny any speculation of a tapering soon in relief measures or an imminent hike in interest rates standing at near zero.

But what made the whole thing even more bizarre was the dollar’s defiance of the rocketing U.S. deficit and debt forecast from the Biden’s administration’s fiscal plans to fight Covid-19.
Why is the dollar so strong? and why is Gold selling off? Are they being manipulated? When do you think we will see Gold go above 2k?

ANSWER: The CFTC data reflected the largest week-to-week turn against the dollar since early-Aug 2020 with the USD’s net short reaching its highest mark on record (in dollar terms) at USD35bn on the back of a USD3.7bn increase in favor of most of the currencies it would seem.

You must understand that we are dealing with a complete collapse in economic theories. This is why it may seem weird. That is why I released that book on Manipulating the World Economy. I am finishing a new chapter to add on COVID for the 5th edition. It keeps selling out in a matter of hours. There is a digital version available on our site.

What we are dealing with is the collapse in Keynesian Economics which held that an increase in the money supply would be inflationary which has proven to be false. The Goldbugs disagree with me but that is because they are so brainwashed but that rhetoric. The central banks have used that same theory and increased money supply hoping to create inflation without success. This is how Modern Monetary Theory has emerged saying after 6 years of QE and no inflation you can just print without impact. All of this ignored the bottom line. As long as people do NOT trust the future, they will hoard their money and not spend it even as the supply increases. You need to change that dynamic. They (1) suddenly believe that it will be more costly to wait to buy now, or (2) they lose confidence in the government and refuse to hold their money.

We are in a dangerous transition period and it will be confusing. You have to let go of your Keynesian indoctrination which centers around the Quantity of Money Theory that is what the central banks have continued to try to follow without any success. They do not understand the economy and the solutions are out of their control. They lie on the fiscal side and that has been totally corrupted by the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.

JFK on Marxism

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Protests in Canada – Interesting Approach

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