The Fall Before the Rise

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I find it fascinating that your computer projected August as the turning point this year and the week of 09/04. I suppose that could be a set up for the August being a high close and a crash beings in September as it seems always to unfold be it 1929, 1987, 0r 1998. Do you have any idea why a crash seems to come always in September and October?

This has played out so far as you laid out in Hong Kong. I think I will come to Orlando as well.


ANSWER: That is an interesting question people have been asking all my life. There is no real fundamental explanation why wars perk up in August and markets tend to crash in September-October. The joke has been the family spent too much on vacation and so they sell stock in September to pay the bills. It is definitely seasonal.

Remember one major thing. This is the move that has to suck people in on the wrong side in order to create the energy to swing back in the true direction. This is true in stocks as well as in gold. I have warned that we can get a potential HUGE false move, which can even be the biggest in history. The bigger the false move, the bigger the REAL move.

I have a feeling this is going to be a very interesting WEC in Orlando.

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