Biden Pushing To Lower Ocean Shipping Costs, Fight Inflation

By Newsy  Published on Rumble on June 10, 2022 

“There’s only nine shipping companies, nine, N-I-N-E, major ocean line shipping companies who ship from Asia to the United States,” Pres. Biden said.

Note from Centinel: As with everything Brandon claims the shipping costs have gone up, but not because of the shipping companies but because of the policies of the U.S government under the current occupant of the White house. That stated with the lock down’s and the forced reduction of gasoline and diesel fuel on day one of Brandon’s four year term of office. The resulting bottle necks at the ports cause the ships to wait for weeks to get in to be unloaded and additional weeks for the trucks to get loaded so the good could be delivered. Once that process started it only grew worse as government is not capable of fixing problems that they have created, especially when the policies were intentional.

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