More Trudeau Pictures Surface – Prime Minister Says Can’t Recall Number of Times He Wore Blackface…

As more pictures of Justin from Canada begin to surface; and with at least three instances currently known by media; the Canadian prime minister said today he cannot remember how many times he wore blackface.


Prim Minister @JustinTrudeau is the personification of the David Mamet Principle which says (in essence): In order for cultural progressives to force compliance with their ideological demands, they must also pretend not to know things…

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Top Canadian Intelligence Official Arrested for Leaking Secret Information….

Cameron Ortis, a director general with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s intelligence unit (RCMP), faces three charges of violating intelligence laws and leaking sensitive information.  While the destination for his leaked intel is not revealed, his professional business profile shows he speaks “fluent mandarin Chinese“. So, connect the dots…

Obviously Justin from Canada wants to keep a tight lid on the spying compromise; and unfortunately, with the Canadian election a little more than a month away, the compliant state-run media are more than willing to try and downplay the issue.

OTTAWA (Reuters) – A top Canadian police intelligence officer has been charged with leaking secret information, authorities said on Friday, in what could be a major security breach.

Cameron Ortis, a director general with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s intelligence unit, faces three charges under a little-used 2012 security of information law.

“It is alleged he obtained, stored and processed sensitive information … with the intent to communicate that information with people he shouldn’t be communicating to,” federal prosecutor John MacFarlane told reporters outside Ottawa’s court house after Ortis was charged.

Sources with knowledge of national security investigations described Ortis as former RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson’s most elite adviser on issues related to national security. Paulson was in office from 2011-2017.

“Operationally, this could be very, very bad,” said Stephanie Carvin, an assistant professor and security expert at Ottawa’s Carleton University.

Canada is part of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network with United States, Britain, New Zealand and Australia.  (read more)

Is it really a surprise to anyone?…

EU Parliament & How they Protect the Bankers

A number of people have asked me to comment on Bloom’s speech on the floor of the European Parliament. He is incorrect in attributing the insolvency of the European banks to fractional banking. They have blown themselves up because of derivative exposure, not actual lending.

The US banks survived and have prospered BECAUSE of TARP. The US government bought the toxic financial waste they created so the bankers got away with it again. In Europe, the design of the euro was to deny creating a national European debt, therefore there could be no bailout because that would mean the money would flow from one country to the another to bail out their banks. Hence, European banks still have the tonic financial waste on their books from 2007.

The central banks are ARTIFICIALLY manipulating interest rates down to try to save the banks, but this Quantitative Easing has not only failed, it has set the stage for the next financial disaster — the collapse of government pensions and private pension funds. These funds are regulated and it is mandated that they have government debt for that is “risk free,” so they claim.

The bankers sell the government debt so the politicians cannot let the bankers fail for they also fund their elections. This entire mess is not going to be held off much longer. We will be looking at this in great detail at the WEC in Orlando (Oct. 25-26).

Report: PM Boris Johnson Has Simple Plan to Legally Stop Brexit Extension….

If this simple procedure is true, wow… It would mean all of last week’s parliamentary teeth gnashing by the usurping Never-Brexit MP’s was essentially irrelevant.

According to a Reuters report, Prime Minister Boris Johnson simply needs to attach a letter to the Brexit delay legislation saying the U.K. government officially does not request any extension beyond October 31st.  Then ignore it.  That was easy.

(Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prepared plans to legally stop any Brexit extension, the Daily Telegraph late on Sunday.

Johnson’s advisers held a meeting on Sunday to counter the strategy to prevent the British parliament’s attempts at enforcing a three-month Brexit extension if no new deal is agreed, the newspaper reported.

A plan under consideration would see Johnson sending a letter alongside the request to extend Article 50 setting out that the government does not want any delay after Oct. 31, according to the report.  (read more)

“Boris, he’s a cheeky one”….

The prior remarks by President Trump (last week) now take on a new context:

Q Have you been following the situation in London with Boris Johnson and the Brexit vote?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Boris is a friend of mine. And he’s — he’s going at it. There’s no question about it. He’s in there — I watched him this morning. He’s in there fighting.

And he knows how to win. Boris knows how to win. Don’t worry about him. He’s going to be okay. (link)

Merkel Takes Her Tin Cup to China…

As if, on cue:


CTH – […] The problem for China, and ultimately for Germany, is that Trump’s trade reset has stopped a big amount of U.S. wealth from arriving in Beijing. Simultaneously, Beijing is countering Trump’s tariffs by devaluing their currency. The rebound economic impact is doubled. China has: (1) less income; and (2) less value within their own currency.

Where does this dynamic show up?

…. Anytime China is going to buy something.

China’s currency devaluation makes their exports cheaper; however, at the same time it makes any of their imports more expensive. As a consequence China buys less… and that now exhibits in lower purchases of German stuff. See how that happens?

So yeah, the ramifications for Merkel’s German economy -twice as bad as originally forecast- are based on China fighting Trump. The fact that China is bleeding cash, and has simultaneously dropped the value of their currency, means China can’t buy stuff.

All of those nations who were counting on Chinese purchases are now going bananas. This is why the multinationals blame Donald Trump… and to make matters even worse – the U.S. economy is thriving, while they watch from the sidelines. It’s a delicious dynamic.  (read more)

BREXIT & the Attempt to Delay until January 2020 ECM Turning Point

Prime Minister Borris Johnson had wanted an election on October 15, but Labour and other opposition MPs would not back the move while the option of a no-deal Brexit on October 31 remained open to the PM. The House of Lords said it would pass the legislation by Friday.

The British pound rallied on the defeat of the PM clinging to the notion that leaving the EU is somehow bad for Britain. It remains the same old dire predictions they used back in the nineties when Britain was not going to surrender the pound and adopt the euro.

While our models indeed pinpointed a Directional Change with rising volatility into the week of 9/16, the pound has held the October 2016 for now, but a close for September below 12350 keeps the pound in check.

This idea of trade being so important is really quite insane. Nevertheless, Trump has not helped by trying to create jobs with his trade negotiations. China will listen to the US news which will show Trump losing 2020 even if you put a monkey up as the Democratic candidate. The press is so against Trump that they will turn this trade issue into real insanity. Likewise, this aids those in Britain desperate to keep their perks and pensions in place so they are selling out Britain for personal gain using the same issue as trade.

So far the Euro/Sterling Cross has been following the forecast array perfectly. The low was March followed by the breakout May/June with a Directional Change due in September. The next target is November followed by January.

What is very clear is that the financial markets are far more afraid of Labour taking power than BREXIT. We do not see any reversal of fortune for the pound and its long-term decline before 2021. Labour has become extreme. They will most certainly destroy the capital formation in Britain perhaps once and for all.


British Globalists Pass Bill to Block ‘No-Deal’ Brexit – Ongoing Elitist Efforts to Ignore British Referendum…

The jaw-dropping elitism expressed by British members of parliament continued today as globalists in the Conservative Party joined with globalists in the Labour Party and passed a bill in the UK House of Commons to block no-deal Brexit.  Their goal is to handcuff Prime Minister Boris Johnson from leaving the EU on October 31st.  [Backstory Here]

The multinational banks and financial elite have poured money toward the anti-Brexit politicians (both parties) and deployed all media efforts in an attempt to stop the U.K from leaving the European Union despite the majority of British who voted to leave in 2016.

The latest move by the elitist group, led by far-left Jeremy Corbyn, forces the U.K. to say in the EU until an agreement to exit the EU is affirmed.  However, the actual purpose of the bill is to empower the EU never to agree to *any* terms of Brexit, thereby keeping the U.K. in the EU forever.

Boris Johnson has requested a mid-October general election so the British people can remove the elitist politicians.  However, two-thirds of those same politicians would have to agree to allow a vote that would eliminate their position.  Therefore, the pontificating elite are also blocking any effort at a snap election.  It’s a mess.

Right now the upper chamber (House of Lords) has threatened to filibuster the lower chamber (House of Commons) bill in an effort to help their Prime Minister.  However, there is also a possibility Prime Minister Johnson could intentionally just ignore the law (if passed), proceed toward a no-deal Brexit and force Parliament to vote him out of office; which would trigger the general election vote the Prime Minister is seeking.

It’s a classic case of elitist politicians trying all parliamentary rules to override the majority vote of the people in the country.

Two centuries ago the masses would have already taken arms against their overseers, stormed the gates and hung the politicians from Tower Bridge.  Unfortunately, in 2019 it’s less likely to happen… Although if the elitist politicians keep this up, well, you never know.

(Via AP) – In a second straight day of parliamentary turmoil, the House of Commons voted by 327-299 in favor of an opposition bill to block a no-deal Brexit, sending it to Parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords.

Even so, the bill’s fate is unsure. With Johnson set to suspend Parliament for several weeks starting next week, pro-Brexit peers in the Lords are threatening to try to stop it by filibustering until time runs out.

“There is very little time left,” said Labour Party lawmaker Hilary Benn as he introduced the opposition bill. “The purpose of the bill is very simple: to ensure that the United Kingdom does not leave the European Union on the 31st of October without an agreement.”

The bill would require the government to ask the EU to delay Brexit until Jan. 31, 2020, if it can’t secure a deal with the bloc by late October.

The lawmakers hope to pass the bill into law — a process that can take months — by the end of the week, because Johnson plans to suspend Parliament at some point next week until Oct. 14.

Johnson became prime minister in July by promising to lead Britain out of the EU, breaking the impasse that has paralyzed the country’s politics since voters decided in June 2016 to leave the bloc. But he is caught between the EU, which refuses to renegotiate the deal it stuck with May, and a majority of British lawmakers opposed to leaving without an agreement. Most economists say a no-deal Brexit would cause severe economic disruption and plunge the U.K. into recession. (read more)

Perhaps nothing personifies the elitist outlook more than this letter from Phillip Lee a member of Boris Johnson’s own party who is resigning because the Prime Minister continues to listen to the unwashed people, disregard the elites and pursue Brexit.

Read this:


…”the twin diseases of populism and English nationalism”?

Dr Lee is apoplectic that any politician might listen to the British people.

MP Phillip Lee openly states any British person who wants to leave the EU is suffering from a disease of wrongful thought; and accuses them of British patriotism.  How dare they be so bold….

The open elitist worldview is really quite remarkable.

The Associated Press



News from The Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe.

Alan Wilton@Alanpw1955

Blocking no deal Brexit means we either accept any deal the rest of EU deems appropriate, which of course will be entirely to their advantage, or we don’t leave the EU at all. Either way we’re screwed and U.K. democracy is dead and buried. We need to kick out the traitors.

See Alan Wilton’s other Tweets

U.K Report: All Conservative Lawmakers Who Rebelled Against Brexit Kicked Out of Party….

Righteous !

LONDON (Reuters) – All 21 lawmakers from the ruling Conservative Party who voted against the government to back a motion to seize control of parliamentary time to try to block a ‘no deal’ Brexit are being kicked out of the party, the BBC’s political editor said on Tuesday, citing government sources.

The group includes former finance minister Philip Hammond and Nicholas Soames, the grandson of former prime minister Winston Churchill. (Link)

Chaos in UK Parliament as Globalists From Both Parties Attempt to Block PM Johnson’s Brexit…

All of the elitist political masks are dropping today in Great Britain.  The UniParty within British Parliament is on full display.

Globalist members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s conservative party crossed lines to vote with the globalists in the Labour party in a scheme to stop the U.K. from leaving the European Union.

The minority Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, developed a plan to stop any ‘No Deal’ exit from the EU by passing a law that required the U.K. (PM Johnson) to have a deal with the European Union in order to fulfill the Brexit referendum.

In order to accomplish this plan the globalists (ie, the ‘Remain’ group) needed support from the Remainers in both parties.  Today 21 members of Boris Johnson’s party joined with Jeremy Corbyn to seize control of the House of Commons in a 328 to 301 vote.

The Remainers next step would be to pass legislation requiring a deal with the EU, which would essentially block Prime Minister Johnson from delivering a No-Deal Brexit.

Johnson fired back by saying he would demand a SNAP election on October 14th, where voters in the nationalist Brexit party could remove the usurping rebels from his own party.  However, to get the snap election would require two-thirds vote to support.

Corbyn doesn’t want the British people to have a voice in the matter, and will not allow Prime Minister Johnson to have the Snap election…. But Corbyn also doesn’t want the political fallout from blocking democracy, so he’s being obtuse and saying the SNAP election should come after his legislation is constructed to block the no-deal Brexit.

Overall it is once again a political scheme, run by elitists, to stop the people within Britain from removing politicians who want to remain in the EU.  Brexiteers -vs- Globalists.

If a Snap election were held, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage would rally the British people to remove the globalists in both parties.  The Snap election would likely wipe-out the Remain/Globalist assembly in both Labour and Conservative parties. This would then force a no-deal Brexit, and Great Britain would finally be out of the EU.  So Jeremy Corbyn cannot allow a Snap election until after he can get the “no-deal law” passed.

(Via Daily Mail)  Boris Johnson called for a snap election tonight after he Remainers seized control of Parliament to rule out No Deal Brexit.

The Prime Minister humiliatingly lost a crunch vote that gives a rebel alliance control of Commons business – with the aim of passing a law to stop the UK crashing out at the end of October.

The victory for pro-EU MPs – by a huge margin of 328 to 301 – came despite Mr Johnson threatening to end the careers of Tories who joined the revolt by deselecting them.

Some 21 Conservatives – including eight former Cabinet ministers – took part in the mutiny.

Senior figures such as Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond face being brutally ejected from the party in what one government source described as a ‘bloodbath’.

That will leave the government an eye-watering 43 MPs short of a majority, and completely unable to control the House.

Speaking after the result, Mr Johnson said Parliament was ‘on the brink of wrecking’ the Brexit negotiations.

‘The people are going to have to choose,’ he said. ‘I can confirm tonight we are tabling a motion under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.’

The motion to trigger a poll will be put to another crucial vote tomorrow night.

However, the law dictates that two-thirds of the Commons must agree to hold an early election, meaning he needs Opposition support.

And despite spending years demanding a poll, Jeremy Corbyn said tonight that the No Deal legislation must be passed before a snap poll can happen.  (more)


  • The Brexit party is essentially the MAGA coalition.
  • The Conservative party is essentially the GOPe Republicans.
  • The Labour party is essentially the Democrats.

What is happening in the U.K. is essentially the same uprising happening all over the globe.  Nationalists, the ordinary middle-class (ie. Trump voters), are rising-up and confronting the elitist-minded Globalists.

In an effort to remain in power, the globalists are furiously working all kinds of schemes to fend-off the nationalists.  The schemes, many of them funded by multinationals and lobbyists defending their financial stakes, include uniting with the socialist elite.

Globalism writ large requires Big Government, central planning, and full control of systems by political elites.  Socialism requires exactly the same structure.  Through globalism you have multinational corporations, financial elites, making rules for the underclass.  Socialism requires the exact same top-down distribution process.

A few high powered political institutions (think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) decide the wealth distribution and sharing processes used to support the masses.  They retain power through control at all costs.  Within this alignment you see financial elites, globalists in every sense of the word, accepting socialism as a tool to retain corrupt power and influence; and defend against the independent action of lower-class rubes.

Another very recent example of this surfaced in Italy where Globalist (beholden to the multinational financial interests) Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’ has now aligned with the far-left Five Star Party socialists, to keep power.

Donald Trump (U.S.), Nigel Farage (U.K), Matteo Salvini (Italy), Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil) and Shinzo Abe (Japan) are all disrupting agents. Each of them is more nationalist toward their countries economics; and stand adverse to the interests of the multinationals.

Angela Merkel (Germany), Emmanuel Macron (France), Donald Tusk (EU), Justin Trudeau (Canada), Moon Jae-in (South Korea), Nancy Pelosi (U.S.) and now Giuseppe Conte’ (Italy), all personify the social construct of the elitist world-view.   These same globalist outlooks will even align with Communism (Xi Jinping, China) to retain power.

Individual Freedom -vs- Socialist Authoritarianism.

Nationalism -vs- Globalism

Main Street -vs- Wall Street.

Ultimately it’s all the same fight..

Nigel Farage


If @BorisJohnson confirms that 21 Remainer Tory rebels will be kicked out of the party, that would be an act of real leadership.

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Susan has travelled from Yorkshire to protest at Westminster: “I am disgusted parliament is not implementing our decision… I want to go without a deal. I never thought I’d say that. I want out.”

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Nigel Farage


I fear that we are rapidly headed towards a very dark place.

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The Brexit Party


Record numbers watching Brexit Party Leader @Nigel_Farage’s speech across our platforms tonight. Don’t miss it. ⬇️ 

The Brexit Party @brexitparty_uk

Boris may not be prepared for a general election, but We Are Ready for one!

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Nigel Farage Discusses Current Status of Brexit Maneuvers…

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage calls in to Neil Cavuto to discuss the latest maneuvering by the various political forces as they position to stop Brexit or modify the terms. [Backstory with details]  Mr. Farage discusses Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to close parliament in order to push through ‘no-deal’ Brexit.  Farage says the closing of parliament is a normal process being hyped by opposition leaders.