From Saudi Arabia Joe Biden Pledges to Keep Pushing Green New Deal, “I am Going to Use Every Power I Have”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 15, 2022 | Sundance

During his press conference from Saudi Arabia, the installed occupant of the White House was asked about the possibility that congress will not pass the $500 billion spending proposal to continue the radical transformation of the American energy sector. [Transcript]

Q On the issue of climate, Joe Manchin obviously made significant news right now, which appears to be torpedoing what was one of your biggest priorities as it relates to energy and to climate back at home. Your message to those Americans right now who are looking for that relief that would have a wide impact as it affects the climate and energy specifically?

Joe Biden: “I am not going away. I’m going to use every power I have as President to continue to fulfill my pledge to move toward dealing with global warming.”  Thank you very much.” [link]

Put another way, “you will eventually eat the bugs.”

As previously noted, regardless of how much chaos, crisis and hardship they create, the collective western government leaders are not going to stop pushing their Build Back Better climate change agenda.  These are committed ideologues.  They are united in their objective and not a single politician is willing to see the catastrophic damage they are creating.

We the citizens of the ‘western democracies’ are in an abusive relationship with our own governments’.  The yellow vests in France, the MAGA movement in the U.S., the Australian labor unions, the Canadian Truckers and now the Dutch farmers are the unstable tremors for global political shifts.

They all followed the same pandemic spending instructions from the World Economic Forum, and western leaders have shown absolutely no desire to pull back and listen to the people as they move forward with their Build Back Better energy programs. Quite the opposite is happening.

Collectively those same leaders are charging head strong into their Build Back Better agenda, regardless of what that does to the global economy.

The collective sanctions placed against Russia are being used as a shield for the inflation created by their energy policy.   Everyone is feeling the supply-side inflation from Europe to the United States.  Additionally, their “climate change’ agenda and energy policies are creating economic turmoil, and now food insecurity

Their energy programs are creating massive global inflation.  That inflation is building up frustration like a pressure cooker.   People are growing increasingly desperate, and now the absence of food stability, a direct result of their collective attack on oil, coal and natural gas, could seriously change things.  They are standing atop a powder keg they call “the great reset.”

The looming shortage of food could be the pressure point that fractures the tectonic political plates.

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