5 comments on “Cities are Harassing Homeowners with Excessive Fines

  1. ” a parking ticket in a private parking lot. Of course, it was illegal. They know you will pay the $35 rather than take a whole day off from work to fight an illegal ticket in the first place.”
    In Melbourne, Australia, there are some kind of agreements between owners of private parking lots and councils. It appeared that the space owners assigned the rights to remove/fine vehicles to councils.

    It will be interesting if some court rulings make that kind of assignment iĺlegal


    • In every country in western civilization that has promised the people the world they are running out of other peoples money. Within 10 years all the money will be gone and there will no longer be any standing governments left in all of western civilization.


      • It is not 10 years from now, it is only 3 years. Inflations will be rampant, fiat moneys remain but stores will sell stocks at blsck market prices, not at advertised prices: It will be a repeat of USSR in its final years.


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