Behind the Scenes of US Military’s Decline & Navy SEALs | Jack Carr | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

Posted by The Rubin Report  Published on Rumble on May 22, 2022 

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Jack Carr, the author of such bestsellers as “Savage Son”, “True Believer” and “The Terminal List”, about the hardest aspects of being a Navy SEAL, what he learned about Hollywood filming “The Terminal List” for Amazon, and the history of the decline of US military power. First, Jack shares what it’s really like to train to be a Navy SEAL. He also opens up about the emotional challenges of being on a special forces SEAL team and the events that no training can prepare you for. He also shares the details that the U.S. government demanded he change in his books. Next, Jack explains how Chris Pratt and Antoine Fuqua became involved in turning “The Terminal List” into an Amazon series. He also shares what the non-woke side of Hollywood is really like. Jack also shares stories of liberal friends in Los Angeles panic buying guns for the first time and being shocked by the restrictions that they helped to vote in. Finally, Jack reveals why the US military is in decline despite major advances in military technology. He explains the origins of the military industrial complex and how the failed Afghanistan withdrawal didn’t surprise anyone familiar with the rewarding of failure in the armed forces. He explains why Craig Whitlock’s “The Afghanistan Papers” is so revealing and what has gone wrong in the military where failed leaders simply leave and get high paying jobs in the defense industry.

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