Food War Video, Dutch Police Open Fire on Unarmed Farmer Driving Tractor Around Police Roadblock

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 5, 2022 | Sundance

Things are escalating quicky in the Netherlands [Backstory Here].  Video has surfaced of Dutch police opening fire with real bullets on an unarmed protesting farmer who drove his tractor around a police roadblock.  [Source and Source]

Several reports from the Netherlands highlight government efforts to stop Dutch farmers from protesting and blocking transit points.  As a result, Dutch farmers have been taking rural routes to their protest destinations and local law enforcement have been trying to stop them with police roadblocks.

Two videos appear to show large farming tractors, easily able to overcome traditional street curbs, driving around the one of the police roadblocks as a police officer opens fire and shoots twice at the second tractor.  An image of a bullet hole in the cab of the tractor appears to confirm live rounds are being fired at the farmers.  WATCH:

Bullet hole:

Second perspective:


You were right… just shoot them.

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