Sunday Talks, The Current Status of Conflict in Ukraine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 28, 2022 | Sundance

An additional perspective on the current status of the Ukraine-Russia conflict from Retired Lt. Col. Daniel Davis.  WATCH:

A strong point made from the mailroom, adds perspective toward why the British are disproportionately taking on the responsibility for the European war machine inside Ukraine.   It has been noted the U.K. government is doing much of the training, arming and support for Ukraine from within the EU.  The question becomes, why was Boris Johnson and the British government so ‘all-in’ with their full-throated military support?

Perhaps the answer is as simple as the London financial markets. “The UK has nothing left but those sketchy money markets and exchanges. The Russians, joking at the sanctions, pricing resources in rubles, working with BRICS, are an existentialist threat to the UK. It shows that the financial exchanges and trading houses based in the UK are paper tigers because they can be easily bypassed. Russia is indeed an existentialist threat to the UK.”

It’s a good point.

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