British News Broadcaster ITV Creates Gameshow for Desperate Viewers to Win Chance to Have Energy Bills Paid

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 5, 2022 

Yes, it’s like something out of a dystopian ‘hunger games’ movie, except it is unfortunately real life.  ITV News in Great Britain is running a wheel-of-fortune type marketing campaign where desperate viewers can call in for an opportunity to spin the wheel and win having their energy bills paid.

Comrades, it is not a spoof, this actually took place today and it looks like it will continue due to popular demand.  UK citizens are facing astronomical increases in energy bills as a result of the EU green climate change agenda in combination with Russia halting the export of natural gas.  The price of natural gas increased 30% today alone as Russia cuts off supplies completely.  Europe is on the brink of the worst economic recession in history.

ITV steps in with a promotional effort that shows just how bizarre this Build Back Better future has become.  Perhaps next week viewers might be able to call in for a chance at winning extra food rations, chocolates or even gasoline.  Here’s a video to show what is happening.  WATCH:


Good luck comrade citizens, you too could be a winner on the wheel of survival.  It’s all in good fun comrade. Smiles everyone, smiles.

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