WEF Encourages Eating Expired Food                  

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Sep 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Schwab is a rotten man. The World Economic Forum has convinced the UK to remove “best before” dates from food products in an effort to “conserve food waste.” In reality, these sick individuals do not care about human health and need a way to avert attention away from the coming food shortages brought on by their zero-emissions pipe dream.

The UK is set to remove “best before” and labels from around 500 products. When was the food shipped or packaged? It will be up to the consumer to use their best judgment. There are also plans to remove hundreds of “use by” dates on products. “Best buy” indicates the quality of the food, while “use by” indicates whether it is safe for consumption. The WEF insists that these dates are meaningless as it still may be safe to eat expired food. They even claim milk is the third most-wasted product in the UK, which is extremely dangerous to drink if expired.

Expiration dates first appeared in stores post-World War II as large consumer chain markets rose in popularity. Before then, you could talk to the sellers at mom-and-pop shops, and they tended to their products and clients. Perhaps you’d buy directly from the grower, depending on where you lived. You cannot ask an associate at Publix where, say, an apple came from and expect an accurate answer. Food arrives by truckloads now and often is imported from overseas.

So, the WEF would like us to eat bugs and expired foods. Rest assured that the elite will be eating the best, riding in their fossil-fueled powered and heated jets and yachts, and laughing as the rest of us suffer. Governments seem to be on board as they also do not want to admit failure via food shortages.

Canada’s Private Sector on the Decline

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Sep 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Canada’s job recovery last year seemed strong according to standard measures. However, it was recently revealed that the majority of jobs were created in the public sector. Nearly 9 in 10 jobs created between 2020 and 2021 were in the public sector. Government, not business, is expanding. Between February 2020 and July 2022, private sector growth remained relatively stagnant after posting just a 0.4% increase. The public sector, on the other hand, rose 9.4% in that same period.

So out of the 366,800 jobs added to the economy during the pandemic, only 56,100 were jobs in the private sector. This is not good for Canada’s long-term growth. The private sector has declined from 49.3% to 48.2%, meaning the government is providing jobs for most of the population.

Three million Canadians lost their livelihoods during the pandemic, a 16% contraction, pushing the unemployment rate to 13% from 5.7%. Then the government decided to reopen slowly, very slowly, and brought the majority of the population under their control. You must adhere to all of Trudeau’s mandates as a government employee. The taxpayers help to partially fund these positions and governments cannot manage a bubble gum machine, let alone the livelihoods of the masses.

Statistics Canada recorded a 5.4% unemployment rate for August, an increase from July’s 4.9% posting. Yet, business is not growing. The government now composes a disproportionate number of jobs, and this completely alters the trajectory of the Canadian economy.

Defeating The Great Reset

The Charlie Kirk Show Published originally on Rumble on September 16, 2022

Klaus Schwab maybe more evil than bill Gates

Defeating The Great Reset Day 2 – Second Session

The Charlie Kirk Show Published originally on September 17, 2022 

Klaus Schwab maybe more evil than bill Gates

Switzerland to Imprison People for Heating Homes

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Sep 15, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Imagine going to jail for three long years for heating your home or business. That now may become a reality in Switzerland, where heating your home above 19 C (66.2 F) is considered excessive and a punishable offense. Water may not be heated above 60C (140F), and saunas and hot tubs powered by radiant heaters are prohibited. Indoor swimming pools also must remain cold.

Markus Sporndli, a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, said that people could be charged a daily fine of 30 francs for disobeying, but the fee could spike to 3,000 francs. The government is warning that there could be “spot checks” and said they would send authorities if someone reports a resident or business for breaking the law. Switzerland imposed fines and expected neighbors to turn on one another for COVID, and this is yet another power grab.

The law is still being finalized, but this is yet another way for the government to turn the common person into a criminal. The government, not the people, created this energy crisis and now demands that the people suffer for their mismanagement. Some are calling these measures “Green fascism” or “ecofascism.”

Historian Michael E. Zimmerman defined ecofascism as follows: “a totalitarian government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests to the well-being of the ‘land,’ understood as the splendid web of life, or the organic whole of nature, including peoples and their states.” Expect to see this trend rise as temperatures decline.

British News Broadcaster ITV Creates Gameshow for Desperate Viewers to Win Chance to Have Energy Bills Paid

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 5, 2022 

Yes, it’s like something out of a dystopian ‘hunger games’ movie, except it is unfortunately real life.  ITV News in Great Britain is running a wheel-of-fortune type marketing campaign where desperate viewers can call in for an opportunity to spin the wheel and win having their energy bills paid.

Comrades, it is not a spoof, this actually took place today and it looks like it will continue due to popular demand.  UK citizens are facing astronomical increases in energy bills as a result of the EU green climate change agenda in combination with Russia halting the export of natural gas.  The price of natural gas increased 30% today alone as Russia cuts off supplies completely.  Europe is on the brink of the worst economic recession in history.

ITV steps in with a promotional effort that shows just how bizarre this Build Back Better future has become.  Perhaps next week viewers might be able to call in for a chance at winning extra food rations, chocolates or even gasoline.  Here’s a video to show what is happening.  WATCH:


Good luck comrade citizens, you too could be a winner on the wheel of survival.  It’s all in good fun comrade. Smiles everyone, smiles.

The World According to Schwab?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Aug 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION:  Dear Mr. Armstrong,
First, thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I have been following your blog for many years and am always amazed at your insight and historical knowledge. I had a question regarding your assertion that the WEF/ Globalists will not win. I am assuming you mean that their vision of a worldwide Chinese-style technocracy run by the United Nations will not take hold. But if we are also looking at the certain breakup of the United States from which there is no turning back, a defeat in WWIII with China and Russia as they win and rise to be the main players on the world stage, are we not losing everything, anyway?
How will we ever hope to restore peace, liberty, democracy, and prosperity as most American citizens understand it if China and Russia end up controlling everything, and our country is left permanently fractured and therefore weaker?
Again, thank you for everything you do to help people understand what’s coming down the road. Your insight is always invaluable.


ANSWER: All we can do is look at history. As my mother used to say, There’s a time and place for everything.” What we are looking at is simply the natural cycle of the rise and fall of nations. Schwab will fail with Soros, and their dream of a one-world government is absolutely stupid, and it illustrates that both are totally ignorant of history or humanity. Just look at Congress. They vote on party lines. There is no agreement, and you really expect that the world can be brought to a one-world government?

The EU is not working, and that was the very same theory. The old tensions and distrust go back centuries in Europe. The Germans refused to join if all the debts were combined, and now you have countries complaining that one pays more in interest rates than another. Here is the former head of France stating in Parliament that the entire idea of the EU was that this one-European government would end all European wars. This was pushed by Schwab and Soros.

The EU Commission came to our 1997 WEC in London. I warned them that this would fail without the consolidation of the debts. They said that they just had to get the euro in and then worry about the debts later. I tried to explain the crisis to Kohl, but he would not listen. He would not even put joining the euro to a vote, knowing that the German people would reject the whole idea.

When Rome fell, it broke up into fiefdoms. The barbarians issued coins that imitated that of Rome. They pretended to be Roman, for they wanted the air of that civilization. There was no unity — all separated enclaves. It was not until Charles Martel (c. 688–741), who established the Caroline dynasty, where Charlemagne (747–814 AD) was eventually crowned as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope. Do you see the trend to create unified states once more?

Therefore, following the collapse of Rome, it was the typical cycle of 31.4 x 8.6 years = 270 years before we began to see the rise once again of formal civilizations. Europe had broken apart into simple fiefdoms that were not united. The unification came only because the Arabs began to seek the conquest of Europe and Charles Martel began to rise up to defend when became Europe once again after the Battle of Tours. He unified the Franks into a nation-state.

When Charles died, he divided Francia between his sons, Carloman and Pepin. Charlemagne came to power under Pepin. Pepin’s death opened the door to civil war as the conflict between his heirs and the Neustrian nobles who in turn sought their own political independence.

While the silver denier became the coin of Europe during the 8th century, it was not until the 13th century that we see gold reemerge as coinage. In actual Europe, that took nearly 800 years to pass before gold coinage reappeared.

However, after the Great Monetary Collapse of gold in the Byzantine Empire in 1092, it took 172 years for good gold to reappear in Europe. When Constantine founded Constantinople in 330 AD and moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to his new city, which is now Istanbul, the seat of power shifted from Byzantium back to Europe. That interval was again about 800 years.

Columbus was trying to get to India, which was the financial capital, for it moved to Asia after the fall of Byzantium. That is why he calls the Americans “Indians.” He chose the wrong Greek mathematical who thought the world was round but smaller than it actually is. Columbus’ discovery of America was by sheer accident.

The West will fall and fragment. I do not see the US being occupied by Russia and China. There will be no one-world government. That is NEVER going to take place. Even in the aftermath, when the West has fallen, you will then see Russia and China become foes. Cycles are inevitable. So the world, according to Schwab, is the dream of a fool who ignores human nature and history.

Argentina Raises Interest Rate to 69.5%

Armstrong Economics Blog/Socialist Re-Posted Aug 15, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Argentina is out of options. I reported on the ongoing widespread protests occurring across the country. The majority of the nation is unemployed, and the currency is basically worthless. The people can no longer rely on the socialistic promises as the government is unable to fund its programs. Basic necessities are no longer available, and the people are suffering.

After inflation reached 60%, the nation decided to stop printing money entirely. The central bank just voted to raise the benchmark rate by 950 bps to 69.5%. Inflation now sits at 71% after prices rose 7.4% in July.

Estimates state that inflation could reach 90% in Argentina by the end of the year. The government has run the economy into the ground, 6 feet under, and it will need a complete overhaul for the people to begin living comfortably again.

The European Debt Crisis 2023-2024

Armstrong Economics Blog/Central Banks Re-Posted Jun 16, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The European Central Bank has announced that it plans to create a new tool to tackle the risk of eurozone fragmentation, which is the new term for divergence among member states. They are adopting this tactic out of fears of a new European debt crisis that is inevitable. From the very beginning when the EU Commission was charged with designing the Euro can to our conference in London in 1997, I warned that the promises that everyone would be paying the same rate of interest merely because they were creating a single currency was a complete fantasy. I further warned that this would lead to the collapse of the Euro if not the entire EU.

I explained that they were comparing the Euro to the Federal Debt of the US when the failure to consolidate the debts of the EU meant that the real outcome would be like the USA at the state level. A single currency did not mean that every state paid the same interest rates in the USA and that would be the ultimate reaction of the free markets. We are now in the 24th years of the Euro and its survival because deb stable post-2024.

The ECB’s decision has come as a surprise following an emergency meeting to address higher borrowing costs for many European governments on an uneven playing field. The ECB made a statement:

“Since the gradual process of policy normalization was initiated in December 2021, the Governing Council has pledged to act against resurgent fragmentation risks.”

“The pandemic has left lasting vulnerabilities in the euro area economy which are indeed contributing to the uneven transmission of the normalization of our monetary policy across jurisdictions,” 

The comments are trying to explain the recent surge in bond yields over the past week or so as capital is starting to smell a rat. ECB has implied a more aggressive policy tightening is coming but it still failed to deliver any new measures that would support the growing unrestrained debt load. With Green governments seizing power, and the absurd sanctions on Russia, it is hard to see where there is any understanding of fiscal management on the horizon.

European capital is now very concerned about financial “fragmentation” meaning the disparity among member states in interest rates. There is clearly a rise in rates in Southern Europe compared to northern. The ECB is now saying that it will “reinvest redemptions” from its emergency bond-purchasing program. So in other words, it will NOT reduce its balance sheet concerning bonds that are under pressure for that will force greater disparity ahead – i.e. fragmentation.

The ECB claimed that its commitment to the euro is its anti-fragmentation policy. They have said that this commitment “has no limits.” Previously, Southern EU states faced materially higher borrowing costs in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis back in 2011. This is a complete disaster for the failure to have consolidated the debt meant that their idea of one monetary policy for 19 different fiscal positions cannot possibly work. I tried to explain to them from the beginning that the 12 original branches of the Fed were independent and they would raise or lower rates depending upon the regional impact. It was Roosevelt who usurped that authority and created one rate for all in 1935 creating the new head branch in Washington.

The yield on the Italian bonds traded over 4% and has broken through the Downtrend Line. While people hope that the ECB’s announcement in this unscheduled emergency meeting means they will be in control, this is more like the 5-time-divorced soul getting married again for the sixth time confirming that hope can triumph over experience. The broader long-term is that borrowing costs will have nowhere to go but higher.

The ECB’s decision to reinvestment what it previously bought merely confirms that there is a serious sovereign debt crisis unfolding.

WHO Do You Think You Are? Nations Reject Pandemic Treaty

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Jun 9, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

All the world leaders supporting the Great Reset were eager to relinquish complete power to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO wanted to seize the ability to force health mandates on the global population. The Pandemic Treaty would have allowed the WHO to bypass national laws and implement their will on the people.

A message from the WHO:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gaps in the governance, financing and systems needed to keep the world safe from epidemics and pandemics. There is an emerging global consensus around the need for an international treaty or other legally binding instrument, to provide the framework for a more coherent and coordinated response to future epidemics and pandemics.

Botswana was the first nation to say, “NO.” Then the entire continent of Africa declined to join the treaty, which is no surprise considering that these health organizations use their nations and people for experimental purposes. Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, and Brazil also rejected the treaty.

“National sovereignty is not something to be handed over to WHO or other entities and to be renounced just to join a club of seemingly advanced nations,” Brazil’s Bolsonaro said after threatening to exit the WHO. Former President Trump attempted to exit the WHO, but Joe Biden dragged America back into the organization. Trudeau does not care about the Canadian people and has continued to fight Parliament tooth and nail to hand his nation to Schwab on a silver platter.

We are not completely safe. “They have not given up though – far from it,” warned Queensland, Australia, Member of Parliament Stephen Andrew. “Instead, they did what they always do and ‘pivoted.’ At their request, a new working group was convened to make ‘technical recommendations on the proposed amendments which will [be] re-submitted along with the Pandemic Treaty, at the 77th Health Assembly meeting in 2024.”

One can hope that the voters will continue to elect leaders that fight for medical autonomy, as handing over full power to a corrupt organization will truly place us in a dystopian world void of freedom.