India Reverses Prior Position and Will Now Block Further Wheat Exports, Triggering G7 Concerns

Posted originally on the conservative tree house May 14, 2022 | Sundance 

In April India said it was hoping to expand its wheat exports from 7 million tons to 10 million.  However, as precarious winter wheat harvests reflect lower outputs, they are reversing position and will now block any wheat exports in order to ensure their own supply.

INDIA – […] The announcement drew sharp criticism from the Group of Seven industrialized nations’ agriculture ministers meeting in Germany, who said that such measures “would worsen the crisis” of rising commodity prices.

“If everyone starts to impose export restrictions or to close markets, that would worsen the crisis,” German Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir said at a press conference in Stuttgart.

Global wheat prices have soared on supply fears following Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, which previously accounted for 12% of global exports.

The spike in prices, exacerbated by fertilizer shortages and poor harvests, has fueled inflation globally and raised fears of famine and social unrest in poorer countries.

It has also led to concerns about growing protectionism following Indonesia’s halting of palm oil exports and India putting the brakes on exports of wheat.

India, the world’s second-largest wheat producer, said that factors including lower production and sharply higher global prices meant it worried about the food security of its own 1.4 billion people.

Export deals agreed to before the directive issued Friday could still be honored, but future shipments need government approval, it said. (read more)

Don’t look now, but there’s an ideological alignment in the background of these decisions.

Turkey and Egypt will be receiving wheat export from India, both nations are aligned against the western position toward Russian sanctions.  Turkey said a few days ago they would not approve of Finland joining NATO (the irony of Turkey in NATO not withstanding).

We need to watch carefully, but there are indications in the geopolitical decision making of nationalist-minded countries, that seem to align with the previously discussed energy alliance cleaving.   The food alliance per se’, is lining up in similar fashion to the energy sector oil alliance.

If this geopolitical and ideological alignment of food imports/exports continues, what we will see is Europe become even more dependent on the U.S. for food exports.  That type of reality has the potential to play well for Biden’s pressure and blackmail campaign forcing NATO to stay committed to the war in Ukraine.

Due to sanctions, Western European allies have already become more dependent on the U.S. for energy products including heavy oil, and liquified natural gas (LNG) which is being exported from the U.S. at the highest rate in history; unfortunately, driving up the prices we pay.

Now we can overlay food exports as another angle for Biden to keep blackmailing NATO to support his proxy war in Ukraine.

Americans are already paying more for energy because we are subsidizing Europe.  Now Americans will pay more for food products because we are subsidizing Europe.   That my friends, is a hot mess.

This sanctions map starts to take on a new dimension beyond energy.  The western team in yellow trading energy and foodstuffs between themselves based on common ideology and outlook.  The team in grey trading energy and foodstuff based on common ideology and outlook.

Overlay that map with the countries who became totalitarian with COVID mandates, and you will discover a commonality.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden speaks about the worrisome rise of “autocracy.”?

BIG PICTURE – How we traditionally defined “freedom” is shifting away from the yellow zones and into the grey zones.

Why?  Because traditional western democracy has been infected with the far-left politics of socialism and communism, just like the democrat party.

Keep watching.

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