Eva Vlaardingerbroek Summarizes all the Merging Food, Energy and Farming Issues with Stark Advice to Americans

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 12, 2022 | Sundance 

Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a GB News correspondent and conservative voice from Holland.  In this interview segment with NTDNews Ms. Vlaardingerbroek outlines what is happening in the Netherlands with the Dutch farm protests and how it connects to the larger Agenda 2030 goals.

In the last 20 seconds of the segment, Vlaardingerbroek has some solid advice for Americans.  WATCH (2 mins):

To really get a strong reference point for how the global ruling elites at the World Economic Forum think about farming and climate change, which includes the brain trust at the World Health Organization, I would urge you to read THIS ARTICLE from the Irish Farmers Journal.

When I first read this article about Irish farming -mostly referencing government policy- what stood out to me more than anything was the open hubris and arrogance in the mindset of the people cited.

They openly say the goal of the fundamental change in the global food system is to control what people eat, allocate specific amounts of calories according to the goals of the climate change officials, and completely take over the way farming is done.

The article is written from a sympathetic standpoint of how government needs to help farmers transition away from their agricultural world as they lose their farm operations. The openly communist outlook is really quite remarkable.

“Significant food system change is needed to address food security and climate challenges, but it risks decimating farm incomes. Policy analyst Anne Finnegan examines a new OECD FAO report.” ~ READ HERE

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