Special Prosecutor Filing Outlines Clearest, Most Detailed, Construct of Hillary Clinton Joint Venture Conspiracy to Fabricate Trump-Russia Narrative

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 23, 2022 | Sundance

In a very late-night filing by Special Counsel John Durham {pdf HERE}, in the case against former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, the special counsel gives the most detailed construct of the “joint venture” between the Clinton team and allies to fabricate a Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory against Donald Trump in 2016.

As we have noted, Durham is focused on the people outside government who fabricated information and triggered years of false accusations against Donald Trump, which ultimately included the creation of a special counsel, Robert Mueller.

John Durham has not touched any of the players inside government within any of his filings, with the exception of former FBI legal counsel James “Jim” Baker, who is a witness and gave testimony for three days to a grand jury. Durham will not touch anyone inside government [fn¹].

Durham is focused on who, how and why they originated the Trump-Russia lies, and whether any laws were broken as they pushed those lies into government institutions which created four years of crisis for the government and former President Trump.  Within this filing, Durham focuses on the “joint venture”, or what can be described as a conspiracy to manufacture and/or defraud the government.

I have tried to put clarity on the filing by outlining who/what the terms areDETAILS:

As you can see, the filing speaks for itself in outlining the origination of the conspiracy. Durham continues….


These are essentially the players who fabricated the Trump-Russia narrative.

David Dagon (“Researcher-2”), a researcher tasked by Rodney Joffe to fabricate connections between Alfa Bank and Trump, was given immunity in exchange for his cooperation with the special counsel.  Fusion GPS employee Laura Seago was also granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for her cooperation with the special counsel.

Suffice to say, Durham knows what they did and how they did it.  Now, he needs to prove it by using the evidence the conspirators have among their own documents and discussions.

The current court battle is circling around various lawyers and groups saying they have attorney-client privileges in order to attempt to avoid document production and/or testimony that will put them in legal jeopardy.   The Clinton Campaign is claiming communication with Fusion is privileged. Fusion is claiming communication with Perkins Coie is privileged.  Perkins Coie is claiming they hired Fusion GPS for legal services, etc. etc. etc.

It takes much more time, but John Durham is working through each of the privilege claims in court, and so far, he has been successful in compelling compliance.

♦ A frequent question:  Why didn’t Durham charge Rodney Joffe yet?   It’s a good question, and the answer is likely because he’s building that case around something else.  Here’s my suspicion.

You will remember, back in 2016, 2017 and 2018, when I said the Clinton team seem to have some kind of “direct portal” into government databases.  There was some process clearly evident where the Clinton campaign itself had access to government databases.

We speculated about all kinds of contractors helping her, etc.  This is entirely separate from what Fusion GPS and other participants were doing to data-mine information.  This is not the people inside government connected to spygate (NSA, Fusion, etc), this is a portal specific to the Clinton campaign itself.

I always called this network the “Clinton Portal“, and the fingerprints from it just kept surfacing as the media described Trump-Russia connections, and then campaign officials would amplify.  I’ve said that since mid 2016, and I retained that view throughout.  Clinton’s campaign operation was data mining some government database, somehow.  The question was who and how?

Rodney Joffe is the explanation that answers that question.  Joffe exploiting contractor access to government databases (GA Tech via DARPA), in combination with his access to data from Neustar, gave him a unique position.  Joffe was Clinton’s Portal.

My hunch is that Durham is holding back on Joffe because accessing government databases, via a government contract (DARPA) that was not given for that intent, is a bigger set of charges.

Creating intentional fraud is one aspect…. they are all busted. However, using federally contracted access to government databases to exploit information, then fraudulently manipulating that information for the expressed intent on defrauding the same government, is a much heavier charge.

And that’s exactly what Rodney Joffe did, on behalf of Hillary Clinton.


fn¹ – No one in government will be touched. This entire article is talking about the people in/around the Clinton campaign. Only the Clinton campaign. Nothing else except the Clinton campaign.  I rely on readers to be intelligent enough to see the subject and draw a distinction from Govt and Non Govt.

This article, the entirety of it as it is written, is focused on OUTSIDE government.  JOHN DURHAM is only looking OUTSIDE GOVT.

If you want to discuss “INSIDE GOVT”, my position stands. Bill Barr was the Bondo, John Durham is the spray paint.

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