Swamp Rats, Slimy Liz Cheney Records Conniving Kevin McCarthy During R.A.T. Coordination Call

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 22, 2022 

It was obvious when the J6 Committee began using their unilateral subpoena authority to demand phone records, text messages, documents and emails, that part of their plan was to leak/release internal GOP discussions amid politicians that would anger the MAGA voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Part of the J6 goal is to create division and sow animosity amid the Republican Party.  DUH.

However, what the J6 Committee doesn’t seem to realize is that MAGA voters already know the scheming, conniving, duplicitous rats within the Republican political ranks.  Heck, we already hate most of them, so outing Kevin McCarthy as a slimeball is about as surprising as sunrise.  DUH²

The MAGA and D-MAGA base have so much experience hating the professionally Republican RATS, there just isn’t a lot that’s going to surprise us.

Factually, the Republican Party is a structural institution, and as a consequence, all the professional people within it are vessels to accomplish a goal – nothing more.

Donald Trump was/is not just our candidate, he’s our murder weapon; the GOPe is our victim. DUH³

Not surprisingly, the New York Times runs a column intended to show Republican voters how much the Republican political leadership hate us.  Are we supposed to put on our shocked face now?

The overwhelming majority of Republican voters are ‘strategic Republican voters.’  We cannot destroy the DC apparatus without a vessel to enter the swamp, so We The People chose the GOP club as the vessel to do it.

You can read the New York Times article HERE.  Essentially, the gist of it is that Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hate the base of the Republican electorate, and both are lying and conniving political creatures who love the indulgences of DC.

The J6 angle looks like this, and apparently there’s a J6 book coming out which benefits from the effort:

…”In the days after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol building, the two top Republicans in Congress, Representative Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell, told associates they believed President Trump was responsible for inciting the deadly riot and vowed to drive him from politics.” (more)

According to the book/article, “The Democrats are going to take care of the son of a bitch for us,” Mr. McConnell said, referring to the imminent impeachment vote in the House.” Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy worked to undermine Trump from the House, “Mr. McCarthy said he would tell Mr. Trump of the impeachment resolution: “I think this will pass, and it would be my recommendation you should resign,” he said, according to the recording of the call, which runs just over an hour.”

After the New York Times article ran yesterday, slimeball Kevin McCarthy denied the statements attributed to him.  However, Liz Cheney – just like her father – being a creature of the swamp’s deepest, most vile and Machiavellian tribe, was recording the call for later use.

In R.A.T world, it’s what the rats do.  Here’s the recording:


Apparently, this is supposed to make us hate Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy – as if, we didn’t already.

The Democrats are putting a lot of effort into exposing the RATS on the right wing of the UniParty.   I don’t know how the rest of the MAGA base looks at this, but it just seems silly.  We already hate the GOP leadership, so this is kind of like a big ‘meh’, whatevs.

Is there really a large group of commonsense middle class MAGA voters who would be surprised to hear/see/read about the duplicity of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy?  If so, they certainly don’t hang around this website.  We’ve been outlining these creeps for years; and, generally speaking, while we don’t put any energy into hating them, the professional republican leadership are irrelevant to the tasks at hand.

Republican leadership sucks, and tomorrow is Saturday.

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