Inflation & Ukrainian War are Greatest Threats to the World Economy

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted May 10, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT FROME GERMANY: Oil and flour shelves are empty.

REPLY: I really do not know of the braindead politicians actually understanding what they have done with their COVID restrictions, and then whispering to Zelensky to please sacrifice your own people to create a diversion for the collapse in the economy so they can blame Putin. Meanwhile, the Green German candidate Baerbock found herself being pelted with eggs. These politicians have no idea what they have done to society – none whatsoever! Even the Federal Reserve came out and warned that the war in Ukraine and the surging inflation are the greatest threats to the world economy. But the politicians will never listen.

Germany has also issued a cookbook on how to cook without electricity. Welcome to the insanity of Republican forms of government. I suspect they will all vanish post-2032.

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