Cross the Line & They Go Nuts

COMMENT: They use to call you Mr. Yen. They also called you the manipulator of the world. Then it was the legend. Now they will call you Mr. Dow.

All the best


REPLY: Well, they always have to find someone to blame. Cross the line and try to explore new methodologies and they just go nuts. I can understand Mr. Yen, and I get the crazy allegation by the government that I manipulate the world economy, but the “legend” I really remain clueless as to what that one is about. As to Mr. Dow – well I suppose that’s next in the queue.

They prefer to always claim I have too much influence rather than look at what I am saying and the methodology. It is just human nature to desperately try to keep everything unchanged. Labelling someone is a form of downgrading them.

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