“Technical Trouble” At the Arizona GOP Convention Has Some Trump Supporters Claiming “Fraud”…

WE all know that the RNC/GOPe will DO ANYTHING to stop Trump. This is not the last of it but more the start of all the dirty tricks that they will pull for they are just getting started.

Economics, Modern Conservatives, The 2016 Election and The Import Export Bank…

The myth that we are being told is that we have Free trade now and that the problem is that US companies are just not competitive. Well the definition of Free Trade is trade without ANY GOVERNMENT intervention. That idea does not has has not existed for a long time. Everyone for the FED the IMF the ECB and everyone in Asia manipulated their currencies and policies to benefit them. The US government supports the export of US jobs to the rest of the world in return for those counties buy our debt. That gives the politicians more money for the programs of transforming the our country into a European style socialist big unelected government with total control of the people.

Kambree Nelson Emotional Testimonial – Meeting Donald Trump in California (Video)…

She has described the real Trump that the RNC/GOPe and DNC are so afraid of for they know he can not be bought like they all are already.

John Boehner on Ted Cruz

“I have never worked with a more miserable son-of-a-bitch in my life”. These words, aimed at Senator Ted Cruz, were delivered by former Speaker of the House, John Boehner. How sad Boehner refused to show this type of contempt toward Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed while they rammed Obamacare down our throats and added $5 trillion to our national debt. He’s a political coward and deserved to lose his job. There are many who deserve the same fate.

There are no longer two parties in Washington, there is only one corrupt mess of big government progressives from both sides of the isle.  Getting re-elected and amassing power is what they seek and the American people always take a back seat to these goals. We don’t need to be lectured by out-of-touch political hacks like John Boehner. Unless the status quo is challenged, and defeated, the rotting of our Republic will continue and the Constitution of the United States will disappear.

Jeff Longo
North Royalton

Dear Indiana…

All of this actually started in 1992 when Bush One signed the Kyoto Accords in 1992 and referred to the process contained within UN Agenda 21 as a start of a One Word Government (OWG) which morphed into the New World Order (NWO) push. Then the next year Clinton signed Executive Order #12852 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and with that order the transformation of America was started that we are now living in. What ever good was ever in “sustainability” has been totally corrupted by the Washington DC Uni-party and the destruction of Western Civilization began.

I belief that Trump understands this and will try and stop what is happening — whether he can or not he is the only one that might actually try. I have written about this aspecy extesively for sveral years now and I feel that it is an integral part of what is now happening in our country. Here are only a few of the posts I’ve down on this subject.



Andrea Shea King: “About Glenn Beck”…

The problem with Glen was he was fooled by Ted and apparently still is. Cruz is not the person that he claims to be and the sooner Glen drops Ted the sooner he will get back on track. And if he doesn’t drop Ted than Ted will drag him down with him.

Current Desperation – There are Trillions of Dollars At Stake…

I agree 100% with Sundance! Further as a former US Army Special Forces officer (back in the day) who was trained to do what you now see happening I will tell you what you see is exactly what we were taught to do albeit with different methods as this was 50 years ago.

Like A Boss: Moonbats Block The Street – So Donald Trump Walks In…

Can anyone else imagine any other candidate doing what trump did — I can’t BO wouldn’t even have gotten out of his beast. But then Hillary would have claimed that she crawled through a mine field … lol

Indiana Today: DefeaTED Cruz Speaks To Half Empty Room, Polling Affirms The Reason….

Cruz is finished and everyone in his campaign knows it. It’s not over till the fat lady sings, as they say, or it ain’t over till its over, as Yogi, would say but it hard to find a realistic scenario where trump doesn’t go over 1300 delegates when you look at the momentum and the remaining states. It’s very hard to motivate staff when the hand writing is on the wall in big bold red letters

Trump has beat you Ted!

Are the Metals & Dow Aligning?

Carrying the World

QUESTION: All three are moving together since mid-January. Does that mean all three are already aligned and a lift is now possible? Or do we go to retest the January lows first?

ANSWER: This is the preparation for the Sling-Shot Move which is coming. Everything is pushing it to the limit. We are carrying the weight of the world around on this move. This is how you will trap people buying highs or selling the lows. They will make their judgment based upon emotions. You will see extreme moves in both directions. Markets are NEVER that forgiving. They strive to wipe everyone out on both sides and the more arrogant they are, the bigger the loss.

We should see the metals push higher trying to get closer to their 2015 highs. The question becomes; can they exceed 18.50 in silver and 1307 in gold? If not, then they too have done what the Dow has done. The worst possible pattern would be a 2017 high, a profound thrust to a low in 2018, and then a Sling-Shot Move to the upside which could push this whole mess into 2024. We achieved a minor Daily Bullish Reversal in silver and gold today, but a sell signal in the Dow. They are trending together, but still in opposite directions. So we can see that they are starting to align. The process is not yet complete.

Just look at this logically. It appears to be the four major elections coming (BREXIT, US President, French President, & Germany) that hold the potential to turn this world we are carrying around completely upside down. If the British vote to exit, that can be devastating to the Euro and set off a wave of civil unrest demanding also to exit in other countries. That would benefit the dollar in a big way. What would that do to the metals? Would the Dow then recover from another retest of the support? The Euro begrudgingly holds on, but here too, trying to retest its 2015 high or at least the target reversal at the 11600 zone, is difficult to say the least.

We are getting there. There has to be a retest of the lows. Nothing moves in one direction. The question becomes; soon or later? That is determined if we fail at the 2015 highs or break through that ceiling. For lift-off, what it takes is that collapse in confidence and we can see that where Bernie is frustrating Hillary and Trump leads the pack no matter what they cry about or conspire. People are just losing it when it comes to government. Trump and Sanders are bringing more people out to vote than ever before. Why? They all know something is wrong. They may disagree at to what it is. But the universal knowledge here is that something is just not right. This is the seed we need to fertilize to get that Sling-Shot.