Is Germany Heading to a Policial Crisis in 2019?


The German Bild newspaper, which has been a staunch supporter of  Chancellor Angela Merkel, has just reported on Sunday with the headline “Merkel knew about asylum failure” demonstrating that her support is declining steadily and the entire refugee crisis in Europe has been her making unilaterally without ever asking the leaders of other member states for their agreement. Frank-Jürgen Weise served as CEO of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, the German Federal Agency for Employment from 2004 until 2017 and also during 2010 he chaired the ad-hoc Bundeswehr Structural Commission, and from 2015, Weise also headed of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. The Bild reports that Merkel knew the disaster she created and that there as “secret documents, which are to be kept under lock and key”.

Apparently, from the beginning of 2017 Weise is said to have found that the new management of the Office “in their professional experience has never experienced such a bad state of authority”. He had criticized the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which was led by Merkel’s confidant Thomas de Mazière, for mismanagement. The agency cannot explain how it can possibly manage the refugees no less consider increasing the refugee numbers. SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil calls Merkel’s (CDU) to quickly take a position on the events in the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) position: “Angela Merkel also bears responsibility for the conditions in the Bamf.” 

Merkel became the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany in 2000 and then Chancellor of Germany in 2005. Cyclically, it is highly likely that Germany will move into a political crisis once more and Merkel will no longer be head of state in 2019

GDPR resulting in Destroying German Internet

After the first week, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe has done far more damage that Brussels ever anticipated. This regulation, which was intended to really prevent political marketing against the government, is actually destroying the German Internet. Operators have chosen to simply shut down their websites for fear of lawsuits. Many online services have chosen to delete their users’ accounts. In case of violations of the regulation, companies face fines of four percent of their turnover.

At the same time, law firms are licking their lips and see a whole new fortune to be made while rubbing their hands. Lawyers have sprung into action and have set up consumer protection associations armed with this new regulation which explicitly states that consumers are entitled to take action for damages. Activists have targeted companies on a large scale all looking to make huge profits.

The US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger once said: “We may well be on our way to a society overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts, and brigades of judges in numbers never before contemplated.” These words seem to be very much on point in Europe. One day, we can only hope that Brussels will admit a serious mistake as just ask – What have we done? But since they refuse to admit error in anything else from creating a federalized Europe without consolidating debts or the refugee issue that is tearing Europe apart, it looks like GDPR is just another nail in the coffin of the EU.

Head of Spain Ousted on Corruption – The Man who Sent in Troops to Catalonia

The head of Spain, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who sent in troops against Catalonia has been one of the most corrupt politicians in modern time.  At last, he has been overthrown by Parliament after an unprecedented corruption scandal in Madrid. Now we are introducing political uncertainty in Spain, Italy, and Greece will soon follow. In Spain, a broad party alliance emerged based on the vote of no confidence of the Social Democratic PSOE against Rajoy of the conservative People’s Party (PP). The motion was supported by 180 MPs, requiring at least 176 votes. This is PSOE boss Pedro Sanchez who is the new head of government. He is expected to be commissioned by the king to form a new government quickly. Those who have supported the no-confidence vote included the leftist party Podemos and two separatist parties from Catalonia.

Rajoy simply gave up for his support vanished before the vote. Corruption is fine until it is exposed. Rajoy came to office back in December 2011 and led a conservative minority government since 2016. The PSOE head came out and proclaimed: “Today we are opening a new chapter in the history of democracy in our country.” He is a former economics professor.

The corruption scandal has involved 29 defendants, including former PP leadership cadres, who were sentenced to 351 years in prison for corruption, embezzlement, money laundering and illegal enrichment. Corruption among politicians is just off the charts. Obama’s longtime fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko was convicted on federal fraud and money laundering charges, and anyone else would have been brought up on conspiracy if they were no Obama. On the same day, the Obamas closed on their house, Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, bought a vacant lot next door from the same seller, at the full asking price of $625,000 so Obama got a deal on the house. Later, Rezko sold the lot to Obama for $300.000. Obama said he paid fair market value for the property decline. By more than 50%. Of course, the press and the police look the other way when anyone else would call it outright corruption.

Welcome to the real world where corruption is just off the charts everywhere!

GDPR – It’s Here Like it or Not

We have sent out emails to our clients and request that you respond to them ASAP. We do not flood people with constant emails. We do not require even registering to view the site. We also DO NOT sell your personal information to ANYONE. We have always respected everyone’s privacy and we are not desperate for money so you need not milk every single penny from everything.

Nevertheless, politicians get bored and when they do, they write laws that sometimes are far too ambiguous that allows they to reinterpret just about anything. As the Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac (1585–1642) once said:

“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

(Source: The Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations (1896) by Jehiel K̀eeler Hoyt, p. 763 : some dispute this quote)

The deep concern many have had is that the real purpose of this is to be able to shut down anyone who creates email campaigns against the EU. It will be flatly illegal to simply send out bulk emails for political purposes and you can bet they will be the first prosecuted. The revelations of the use of emails by Cambridge Analytica Ltd during the US 2016 campaign has been the real motivation behind this legislation.

Malaysian Election Demonstrates the Wave of Political Change of Trump, BREXIT, Italy, Spain, etc is still in motion

COMMENT #1: You were right. You said there would be a political change here in Malaysia in 2018 at your Bangkok conference. How do you do this? I am coming to Singapore.

COMMENT#2: Wind of change has swept through Malaysia on May 9th as incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition 61-year rule since 1957 Independence was ended after people rose up to reject a super corrupt and tyranny regime. An opposition coalition called Pakatan Harapan (PH) form a new federal govt, the first time in our history we have a peaceful transition of power.

People are fed up with BN blatant corruption like 1MDB scandal, abuse of power whereby cases of whistleblowers that expose politicians corruption are charge and sentenced to jail while the perpetrators still walk free and holding senior govt positions!

But the hard work has just begun as the new govt inherit a mess from decades of mismanagement, corruption, and abuse of power. Reform in judicial, executive and legislative branches are badly needed. Also, our country is facing a severe debt crisis due to our corrupt politician’s insatiable appetite to borrow.

Socrates forecast of this global trend is indeed amazing. A new Malaysia is born.

REPLY:  Malaysia’s former leader Mahathir Mohamad, 92, won the election last week, which has shocked everyone for they said it could not be done. This election is part of the same movement globally where we are witnessing a rising up of the people against the corruption of governments that have been ruling in general since World War II. This wave of political change brought Trump to power, BRXIT, Hungary election against the EU, Catalonia rising up in Spain, and the Italian election just to mention a few.

This year, 2018, in the case of Malaysia, was 72 years from the April 1st, 1946 event when the Straits Settlements were dissolved and replaced by the Malayan Union, which was conceived to unify the Malay Peninsula under a single government. Then in 1956, a constitutional conference proposed the appointment of the Reid Commission to devise a constitution for a fully self-governing and independent Federation of Malaya. In February that year, talks between representatives of the government of Malaya and Malayan Communist Party sought to resolve the Malayan Emergency situation. Therefore, 2018 was on a very simplistic way, the convergence of two important cycles – the 72-year cycle and two Pi cycles of 62 years. However, we will see the culmination of the full political reform finally come to pass in 2043. Malaysia is still in the transition period. Do not expect the corruption to go quietly into the night.

The corruption in Malaysia was far deeper than anyone suspected. I explained that previously and the involvement of Goldman Sachs. True, this has been a political earthquake that toppled the scandal-plagued premier. Ousting his regime that has ruled for over six decades is easier said than done. Behind the curtain, there are way too many bureaucrats who benefit from the corruption. So while the people delivered a political triumph that, like Trump, almost no one had predicted, the end of the grip of the power of the Barisan Nasional party which has ruled Malaysia since its birth as an independent country will indeed be a struggle going forward.

Mahathir previously ruled the country with also an iron fist for 22 years. You can replace the head of state, but the corruption never ends there. It has infected every possible level of government. This is why revolution often ends up the only final recourse because the bureaucracy is far too often the real problem. So the final victory will come more likely in 2043.

The New Head of the EU Commission – they Call Him the “Monster”

Martin Selmayr, nicknamed “the Monster” by colleagues because of his fearsome reputation, has become the new European Commission Director General – the man in charge of the European Commission. He has been one of Brussels’ most controversial EU officials and he was unexpectedly put in charge of the entire EU civil service. Selmayr, who was chief of cabinet to president Jean-Claude Juncker since 2014, replaces Alexander Italianer, who had announced he would be stepping down after three years in the job. But the rumors behind the curtain tell a different story. With the Hungary election, Italian election, BREXIT, and Catalonia, the handwriting is on the wall. The EU is crumbling from its undemocratic internal authoritarian power that refuses to yield concerning its European Project to federalize Europe. If the Euro goes, there goes Brussels. They refuse to even concede that they created a nightmare with the Refugee Crisis. Italianer left because he disagreed with the internal policies. Selmayr is known as the “Monster” and this is a desperate turn to force central power upon the whole of Europe

The Coming Pi Target – Will it Bring World War III?


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of your model back in 2015.75. You have stated at the WEC that the upcoming Pi turning point on November 21, 2018, is most often political in nature. You scheduled this year’s WEC for the week before. Trump just called Assad an animal. Even 911 took place of Pi target to the day and Greece applied to the IMF for a bailout again precisely on that Pi Target. Do you think that this turning point will be a war starting in Syria?

I am sure this year’s WEC will be a thrilling moment in history.





ANSWER: Unfortunately, the nagging fact that Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of the ECM 2015.75 leaves one with a feeling of a stone in the stomach. All of this investigation that Russia interfered with the US elections set in motion by Hillary has convinced so many of her followers that Russia is the Arch Enemy as if in some comic book. This has created the proposition in the mind of the mindless that Russia is some sort of great evil that should be eradicated from the face of the earth. That mindset, no matter how wrong and distorted, is the basic requirement to support a war. Hillary has been one vindictive and evil person and her running around the world to blame Russia for her failed election has done so much to undermine world peace I do not know where to even begin. She has created the image that Russia is evil and that is all the military needs to justify playing with their weapons to attack Russia.

This entire confrontation with Russia has been orchestrated by the military aided by Hillary. I have warned that the mere fact that Russia invaded Syria precisely on the day of the ECM was a warning call to all of us to wake up and smell the roses before the lid of the coffin is closed. The entire Refugee Crisis began just weeks into this ECM wave when Merkel stood up with open arms to divert her negative press for refusing to forgive any debt with Greece. Then, the Washington Times wrote on September 10th, 2015, “Angela Merkel welcomes refugees to Germany despite rising anti-immigrant movement.” The entire refugee crisis was created by Merkel as a diversion because Germany was being viewed as the harsh enforcer of loans to Greece.

The ECM Turning Point 2015.75 has been a major profound event. This means that the likelihood of the coming Pi target on November 21st, 2018 has a higher potential to be linked (1) to the Middle East, and (2) to Russia.

The answer, unfortunately, is yes. We will be looking at the world markets to extract what they are setting up for at the Orlando WEC. This event will be important for (1) the consolidation should end, (2) we have the Monetary Crisis Cycle in play, (3) the Pension Crisis is beginning cascading into a Sovereign Debt Crisis, (4) interest rates will rise even faster with war, and (5) the prospects of the Pi target, which is normally geopolitical rather than economic, also comes into play.

This will NOT be an easy time to deal with all this. We will need the computer and review all the markets for only then collectively can we possibly comprehend what is about to unfold from that turning point into 2020/2021. This is essential not just to make sure we have a great trading/investment opportunity, but being on the right side of this will be everything.

To be on the wrong side of the market may mean you simply lose everything going forward. This is the time to let the markets speak loud and clear. It is our job to listen. History repeats, but like lightning – it never strikes precisely at the same spot every time. The only way to see what is coming is to look at the world as a whole. The markets collectively speak to us for they show the true trend rather than personal opinion. There is no human alive or dead who has ever been able to predict such events from a personal gut perspective consistently time and again.

Heaven or Hell?


British Lab Admits They Cannot Confirm Russia was the Source of the Poison in the Spy Case

Russian has called upon the Hague’s executive council of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), to challenge the allegations of Britain that it was responsible for the poisoning of the double-agent. British scientists at the Porton Down have admitted now that the nerve agent used to poison cannot be traced to Russia. Nevertheless, they have stated that the poison had been identified was a military-grade novichok nerve agent, which they maintain was most likely deployed by a nation-state. The UK government has quickly responded claiming that prime minister, Theresa May, had always been clear that the assessment from Porton Down was “only one part of the intelligence picture”. There seems to be some back-peddling but clearly, there is a p[re-disposed attitude toward Russia probably because government social programs are failing and they will economically need an external enemy soon.

France Embracing Austerity?

The old-school ideas of economic theory will ensure that Socialism collapses and very hard at that. The Germany influence upon Europe has infected the mindset of most northern Europeans. French President Emmanuel Macron has come out an made public debt one of the key points of his policy. Macron is supporting austerity and thus the EU’s guidelines. The French statistics office, Insee, reported that new borrowing during 2017 for France was 2.6% of GDP. The worker unions, in general, are starting to mobilize. Public debt is still high and employee protection is now severely limited and this is a dangerous cocktail that will inspireFrench civil unrest. Nevertheless, France has been criticized by the EU for its high level of new debt within the Eurozone. Thus, the country had twice been given more time to fix its budget. Under the Maastricht Treaty, the new debt of an EU state may not exceed 3% of GDP. New borrowing last year was 3.4%.

The entire problem here is the theory that an increase in the deficit spending will be inflationary. Yet after nearly 10 years of Quantitative Easing, this entire theory has been proven to be just nonsense. There are so many loaded assumptions hidden at its core that one must wonder how rational people still believe in a theory that cannot be proven by history. France is where the entire theory of Communism began. It was the French Communists who persuaded Karl Marx to abandon pure socialism.

With Macron embracing austerity and the guidelines of the Maastricht Treaty, we are watching the gradual collapse of socialism. All the promises of government to provide the safety-net are crumbling before our eyes. Austerity supports the bondholders against the people. This will also fuel the rise of class warfare as we head into 2022.