Will 13 Million Ukrainians Just Move to Germany?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Feb 27, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

According to the UN refugee agency, more than thirteen million people, or nearly a third of Ukraine’s prewar population, have been displaced since the invasion. Of that, more than five million are internally displaced, while over eight million are refugees living in neighboring countries. Our former two employees from Ukraine are now in Berlin. In comparison, the continent saw some one million refugees during the 2015 wave of migration from Africa and the Middle East. There were four million refugees who fled to Europe during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.

Besides the constant demands from the United States that NATO members must be pouring in money to defeat Russia, the cost of taking care of all of the Ukrainian Refugees is stressing the entire budget of the EU. The refusal to even entertain any peace and just honor the Minsk Agreement which would end the war in 15 minutes or less, the longer this goes on the likelihood the balance of the 13 million Ukrainians will opt to move most likely to Germany.

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