Democrats Go Insane on Taxes NYC 61.5% is Your Tax Rate!

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The Democrats are simply insane. Every study on taxation has shown that the lower the tax rates, the greater the economic growth. The Reagan tax cuts resulted in people paying more in taxes because they earned more. The new tax hiked will push NYC to 61.5%. Anyone who lives there has got to be insane to stay. The Super-Rich set up trusts, foundations, and every sort of vehicle that skirts the high taxes. The Democrats always allow those because they themselves use the same tricks. Obama had little when he entered the office and now has a multimillion beach house when he was claiming the oceans were rising.

The one thing everybody better do is call your accountant. The Democrats CANNOT be this stupid. Raising taxes of this magnitude, going after businesses, and trying to end inheritance which is what they REALLY want to do – make it all now normal income, can set in motion the worse liquidation in modern history.

This is AOC wearing a dress to celebrate the occasion of trying to destroy society. She fails to understand that it takes money to start a business and to hire people. Under their plans from reliable sources, they really want to tear the country apart. They see nothing but hatred in capitalism for everything to them is just money. If you love what you do, you will be successful in life. If it’s just a job, then that is all it will ever be.

Twenty years ago if you bought a house you could just put your kid’s names on it as well – no big deal. Today, if you try that, they have to declare it as income and pay taxes on it which is not even cash. This is the new world order. You may have to sell assets this year and buy them back for selling next year of an accumulated profit may be devastating.

All Major Cities in France Erupt with Protests

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Aug 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Producer Price Index Records Highest Inflation Rate in History Since Tracking Began

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The “producer price index” is essentially the tracking of wholesale prices at three stages: Origination (commodity), Intermediate and Final.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) released stunning price data [Available Here] showing a dramatic 7.8% price increase in Final Demand products at the wholesale level.

When you see the wholesale level of prices almost double the increase in consumer level inflation rate, you can predict that consumer prices will likely go even higher.  The future finished goods at a retail level will carry the current wholesale price increase.  Stuff costs a lot now… and stuff is about to cost even more pretty soon.

Food products are fast-turn consumable goods, and the inflation in the food sector is jaw-dropping already.  However, fresh and processed foods turn at different inventory levels.

Obviously fresh foods spoil fastest (think produce, fish, meats and dairy) so they are replenished more quickly and the thin supply chain (field to fork) passes along increased costs fast. Processed foods have a longer shelf life (boxed, canned, frozen, etc), and as a consequence have a much larger inventory level in manufacturing, warehousing and retail storerooms/shelves.  Within processed foods, there is a lag between cost increase at origination and that cost hitting the stores.

The problem identified within the current ‘producer price index’ is that price increases in the raw material and intermediate material are building into the supply chain.  Keep in mind the entire supply chain is dependent on energy costs and the fuel prices that impact transportation.

The retail consumer supply chain for manufactured and processed food products includes bulk storage to compensate for seasonality.  There are over 800 commercial and public warehouses in the continental 48 states that store frozen products (2020 data).  The previously processed food price increases are currently reflected on store shelves (already hurting).  However, the coming processed food price increases will be much, much higher.  We will see even higher prices on processed foods in the supermarket.

The same price increases will happen for restaurants, perhaps faster, as they follow the similar supply chain to fresh foods.

BigAg has likely already made deals with their congressional sales-force for increases in government welfare payments (EBT and Foodstamps, WIC etc.).  BigAg lobbies congress for higher reimbursement rates so they can raise the prices of food and export domestic product to other nations.  Food assistance payments increase, and BigAg benefits.  In essence, BigAg takes the fed food subsidies and fattens their profit margin.  Then, they payback the politicians.  It’s a circle of money.

UK v US Healthcare

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Aug 11, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hello Martin
I recently heard in the area that I live that a nurse confirmed that a lot of the doctors in hospitals did not treat patients in the hospital and told the nurses to put it down as Covid! People having heart attacks, strokes are all put down as Covid. In Scotland and probably the UK the NHS is finished. You cannot see a doctor due to Covid, you can’t go to a hospital due to Covid basically you can’t do anything due to that pesky Covid.

I believe that it will come to the American system where you must have insurance in order to be treated. I think that has been one of their plans for a very long time. Privatisation by the back door.
all the best
m (Scotland)

REPLY: I can say this, my dog got sick so I took her to Blue Pearl veterinarian hospital. I was not allowed inside. They came out and took my dog. I said I wanted to be able to talk to the doctor. They said I will. I had to sit in the car. The doctor called me on the cell phone. They texted me the bill that I had to pay from my cell phone before they would bring out my dog. I became angry and asked what the hell was wrong with them? I can walk into a human doctor’s office. Get my eyes checked or have my hair cut. I will never EVER go back there again.

In the US, they are paid by private insurance. There in the UK and Scotland, they are government employees. They have no incentive to actually work for they are paid by doing the government’s bid. In the USA, they will not be paid unless they see you.

Perhaps it will always come down to who pays who for what.

Papers Please, Today French Police Begin Demanding COVID Vaccination ID For Citizens Outside

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Today was the deadline for citizens of France to carry their vaccination ID if they want to participate in society.   Citizens of France are required to carry their identification if they want to eat a restaurants, go to shopping malls or attend venues where crowds would gather.  [MSM CITATION HERE] Videos of the French police conducting random checks and checkpoints are surfacing.  WATCH:

As we noted last month when this was announced, France is the beta-test.  The U.S. State Department and French government have a long history of cooperation and testing for political and social change.

This will be coming soon to New York City (previously announced), and from there to towns and local communities across the United States.


JULY 13, 2021 – “I have no doubt, none whatsoever, that French officials and U.S. officials are closely discussing this approach in closed-door meetings.  France is being used as a test ground in a similar way the Rivkin Project was deployed.

Despite the wide social differences, at their core French nationalists are close in ideological alignment to Americans.  France is one of the few states left in Western Europe with the remnant of a national consciousness.” (link)

Mainstream Starting to Apologize for Propaganda

Armstrong Economics Blog/Press Re-Posted Aug 5, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Julian Reichelt, the editor-in-chief of BILD, which is one of the largest newspapers in Germany, has reversed policy and apologized to the children of Germany for the COVID-19 coverage in his newspaper that made them “victims of neglect, isolation, and loneliness.” He has plainly stated that this has been a scam, unproven scientifically, and anyone who criticized the claims was never invited to the table to discuss what is taking place. Hex expressly states:

“It is up to us to protect you.”

This is the moral hazard that the mainstream press has presented. CNN, in the old days, would see its journalists dragged out and hanged during such periods as the Communist Revolution. They present a clear and present danger to our future along with all the mainstream press that has been going along with the propaganda to usher in the end of democracy.

Italy Denying the Right to Vote if Unvaccinated

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Aug 4, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

I have been warning that the end goal here is the pure authoritarian rule. My critics have called me just a Trump supporter and call any notion that this COVID scam is just a conspiracy theory. I have tried to point out that there is a far bigger agenda here and Trump simply had to be removed at all costs.

They prefer rigging the elections rather than assassinating Trump. They might have to look at his face on a $100 bill forever when they take their bribes. That would have also led to another endless investigation that nobody would believe like Kennedy any more than the magic bullet theory of Arlen Spector at the time.

In case you did know that theory, the Warren Commission staffer Arlen Specter (later a United States Senator from Pennsylvania), said that a single bullet, known as “Warren Commission Exhibit 399” (or “CE 399”) caused all the wounds to the governor and the non-fatal wounds to the president, which totals up to seven entry/exit wounds in both men. They have often called me the man who knew too much or the Forest Gump of finance. I also knew Arlen, he had a house 3 doors away from me on the beach.

Point #8 of the World Economic Forum was all about ending democracy with flowery words of retaining checks and balances for human rights. Here we have Mario Draghi showing the world what the real agenda is all about with these COVID restrictions that they are imposing gradually step by step.

IL Tempo.IT in Italy has reported that the Green Pass/COVID Passport is now firmly established by law in Europe. Prime Minister Mario Draghi then took the next tiny step for tyranny. You not only need the COVID Passport to access restaurants and shows, but phase two was also to require it to get on long-distance trains, planes, and ferries. Then phase three is to require a COVID Passport to access the polling stations.

Draghi has already got partial approval from the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, who wants ONLY vaccinated candidates on the list. Therefore, nobody can run for office without a COVID Passport and nobody will be allowed to VOTE.

People may lack guns, but they can fight back by other means. The people will not simply lay down and allow their entire lives to be taken away. These leaders are so deranged and detached because they can no longer maintain the image of being in control. They cannot fund their debts and they cannot envision stopping spending – ever.

These COVID Tyrants will have to resort to simply massacring the people and have the media report that they were armed as the Democrats called the January 6th protest an “armed insurrection” over which at least 4 officers there that day have been so ashamed of how people were treated that they have committed suicide.

Phase four will be to end national elections and at best you will be restricted to simply local municipal elections. The Roman Imperial era has allowed us to date the coins to a specific year because the emperors pretended to be elected to office as CONSUL  every year as if there was still the Republic. People were not allowed to vote and this is what led to numerous emperors being overthrown. The people had only one tool – violence. Eliminate democracy and you will cause revolutions and violence. The police are becoming the agents of tyranny. They should realize that when they too reject this tyranny, then the powerful will be stripped naked before the mob as it has always been throughout history.

Influence is More Powerful than Money

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Aug 4, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Within the world of the most powerful, are Gates, Schwab the most powerful? I have the impression that the Owners of Blackrock and Vanguard are the ones that pull the strings of the world. Where are the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in the world of power?
Greetings and thanks for your impressive work.


REPLY: Gates has far more power than BlackRock or Vanguard. Schwab has influence; Gates buys influence. That is why they always attacked me. When they were wrong, they blamed me, not because the model was correct, but claiming I was manipulating the world because I had too much influence. Money alone cannot rule the day. It is all about influence, which is a precious commodity to these people.

I have told the story before, I was invited by Edmon Safra to the IMF dinner in Washington, which he rented the entire National Gallery to host this dinner. Every politician was there including central bankers. I was invited to SHOW ME the “influence” he had, and he kept trying to get me to invest in Russia. They had the IMF on a short-leash.

It is always the influence they seek. Money helps, but it cannot buy everything.

Behind the Curtain

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Aug 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Jennifer Accuri, who had a love affair with Boris Johnson and obviously knows him very well, has also been out talking about what is going on behind the curtain. I have heard that this drive for 100% vaccination has at its core the attempt to whip society into obedient drones. That is the real goal. Whether these vaccines will result in massive deaths in 1 to 2 years as some are claiming, is questionable. I do not believe that is the goal, but that could be an unintended side-effect. I tend to suspect more of impacting fertility. However, I also know that there have been weaponizing viruses behind closed doors to target specific genetic makeup. I am NOT saying that has taken place. I am pointing out that they do have the technology to target specific genes and could have introduced something like that which is impacting some people and not others. Nobody will do a study on the vaccinated who are dying and do a correlation so we know if you have x, y, or z, do not get vaccinated.

They are altering the economy for the Great Reset BECAUSE the system is failing. They lowered interest rates to negative and destroyed their bond market. I do know that there were meeting with central banks before these lockdowns. That was not just in the UK, but also in Europe. There was not such a meet with the Fed on the part of Trump. But the Fed is well aware of what other central banks are doing and this is why the REPO crisis began with the capital flows shifting in August 2019 that our computer picked up and I reported at the WEC that year.

Now we have REVERSE REPOS because US banks are fearful of European banks and everyone prefers to park with the Fed. Behind closed doors, in the US it is known that the Fed is not in the same desperate position as Europe. Despite the US analysis that exclusively only looks at the Fed and nothing outside the USA.

Pension Funds & the New Norm

Armstrong Economics Blog/Pension Crisis Re-Posted Aug 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Well Marty, it’s not so hard to figure out which pension funds are your clients. All we have to do is look at the ones cutting government bond holdings. All the top pensions in Japan were always at all your WEC events. I remember talking to the attendees of Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund. They just cut their holdings. Big surprise!

JF, Tokyo

ANSWER: Hope things are well for you there. Any pension fund that holds government debt in size and thinks it will return to normal is probably as delusional as those who think it will return to normal after 100% of the world is vaccinated with Gates’ magic potion #19. There will be endless streams of variants for the next 10 years and a virus will evolve to defeat vaccines. That is why they roll the dice each year with the flu shot. They are trying to anticipate the next variant. There will never be a return to normal. This is all about power. They have tasted the lure of power and will never relinquish that power willingly. That is why history is littered with revolutions against tyrants, and I believe Gates is the tyrant of the 21st century who history will remember not so fondly.