Laying Foundation for World War III

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Apr 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The revelations pouring out from John Durham is very enlightening which has confirmed that the Democrats for four years led by Hillary Clinton, set in motion the strategy to constantly attack Trump an d thereby prevent him from carrying out his goal to drain the swamp. John Durham has revealed that the “A secret Trump server is communicating with a Russian bank” was a totally fic ticious claim put out their by Hillary which had no basis in fact whatsoever. It was just totally made up.

In a new filing, Durham revealed that the CIA concluded that cellphone data and Internet traffic provided by Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann was “not technically plausible” and “user created.” This proved to be deliberately fabricating evidence which was the same strategy behin the notorious Christopher Steele dossier, twhich they also fabricated facts. Of course, the CIA was against Trump as was the NSA because they were on the agenda of creating war with Russia. Despite all of this evidence which is surfacing, still those on the left continued to ignore these facts and will not relent when it comes to bashing Trump. Clinton’s team simply invented the entire story, forged evidence, and then presented it to the FBI and CIA as if it was something worth pursuing, derailing a presidency for years.

The Director of the CIA, John Brennan, a former aide and campaign advisor to President Obama, had stated that his agency believed the Russians were behind the hacking of the Democrat’ servers. The Democarts even blamed Wikileaks and pushed to imprison Julian Assange for life. WikiLeaks denied that Russian hackers were the source of the emails. But the Democrats were relentless. Trump disagreed with the CIA claim, tweeting that “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” Now the Durham report demonstrates that the CIA lied and misled the nation.

There is a serious question is all of these characters have not engaged in treason against the United States. These people will be remembered by History and held in the same regard as Benedict Arnold by future generations when the dust settles. Their names will become synonymous with “traitor” after was the case with Benedict Arnold when his betrayal became public. Benjamin Franklin wrote that “Judas sold only one man, Arnold three millions.” However, these people have done far more damage than merely creating Russiagate.

Because of these people, in 2019, Gallup Poll showed that the Majority of Americans had considered Russia as a critical threat which is mandatory to justy waging war. The nonsense of imposing sanction of Russia under the theory that will force the people to overthrow Putin, are simply out of their minds. Now two-thirds of Russians see the United States as the enemy of Russia. The independent Levada Center published their poll confirming that 70 percent of respondents pointed to the United States as the greatest threat to Russia.

These attitudes have been the byproduct of Russiagate. This is HIGHLY dangerous for the Neocons will get what they dream of – World War III. These people have put out nothing but hatred and this is unfortunately what we the people of the world, Americans and Russians, are the victims of these hateful manipulations of society to press their desire for war.

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