That Escalated Quickly, New York Times Ponders if we are Ready Yet to Start Eating People

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 23, 2022 | sundance 

Considering that I have yet to absorb, or accept, the increasingly likely possibility of society normalizing people eating bugs, the looking over-the-horizon folks at the New York Times just, well, stopped me in my tracks.  I did not have eating people on my Biden consequences bingo card.

Tweet Link – Actual Story Link

I know Biden/Obama’s beloved Davos crowd (World Economic Forum) love to hold meetings about how their social engineering will create a “new normal” for everyone but themselves; however, I mean, c’mon, even for the furthest left this has to be a bridge too far, no?

Is the Biden era of transformational social change really going to go combine: defining “essential workers”, forced medical procedures, radical climate change, the eating of bugs and insects, post-birth abortion and chopping the genitals off children without parent consent, together with the social acceptability of cannibalism; all of it, into one term in office?

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