This is Important – I Have Been Warning – Ukraine Has Been Losing

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine re-Posted Apr 1, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

You should listen to this carefully. The Neocons will have at least another 500,000 people’s blood on their hands. I have stated that Putin NEVER sought to invade and conquer Ukraine. It was also a Special Action only to free the Russian Dunbas. The American Neocons are the ones who have been pushing this to defeat Russia. They never cared about the people of Ukraine. They have been used as cannon fodder. Perhaps as we enter the final days into the target of the ECM – April 10th, it will have this defeat to deal with. To all of those who bought into the whole Putin is just evil scenario, you better think again, why are you so easily manipulated by Neocon propaganda? Because this is not going to end.

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