Russia Issued an Arrest Warrant for Lindsey Graham

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted May 29, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Russia has issued an arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham and quite honestly, it is not a surprise. Graham has NEVER seen a Russian he did not want dead. He has been one of the hardline Neocons who always is willing to throw American lives away for his constant agenda of conquering the world to promote the fake US version of democracy where we NEVER have a right to vote on anything important from debt ceilings to war.

Zelensky’s office edited the videotape and put two separate comments that Graham made together that “the Russians are dying” and U.S. military assistance to Ukraine is “the best money we’ve ever spent.” That’s what he gets for backing the most vile and corrupt government in Europe hellbent on creating World War III.

Communism fell in 1989. Neither the people of Russia nor China are interested in ever returning. Instead of promoting peace as the Roman Empire showed us how to do when everyone is interconnected economically, that is how peace is created. It is to everyone’s benefit to work together. Graham and McCain never paused even once. They continued the cold war. Graham has no problem sending American boys and girls to die in Europe for his dream of destroying Russia and razing it to the ground. NEVER have Graham or McCain EVER sought peace – just endless wars.

The Neocons Have been Planning for War with Russia For a Long-Time

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted May 28, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The Second Edition of The Plot to Seize Russia will be in major retailers in a few weeks. We will let you know as soon as our publisher releases it. I have done my best to follow the breadcrumbs since I found myself in the middle of this and they tried to get me to invest $10 billion to fund this operation. I refused. We have a right to the truth especially when they send our children off to die in foreign lands for their insane world dominating agenda.

Beware of ISW

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted May 25, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty, the Institute for the Study of War is claiming that the fighting inside Russia was not Ukrainians but Russian anti-Putin groups. This seems strange since they were attacking civilians and you would think if they were Russians they would have targeted Moscow not something just across the border. Who is this Institute? Is this more propaganda from the West?

Thank you


ANSWER: Do not trust ANYTHING coming from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). They are claiming sources inside Russia say they were Russians, not Ukrainians. I would not believe anything from the ISW. I believe they are the source of the idea for the TOTAL destruction of Russia and for the West to occupy and divide up Russia. They do not promote peace – only war. World peace is possible just by looking at Rome. When everyone benefited by being part of the Empire which allowed them to sell products throughout the Empire, it created local jobs, and that is what created peace. The Neocons are tearing the world apart and using climate change to try to destroy the economy of Russia for political purposes. They ignore peace or the cost to the economy of war, which is always inflation, reducing the standard of living of the people for their selfish goals or war. Their destruction of NordStream is an example of their treachery.

It will always be anti-Russian propaganda because it is a Neocon organization. Kimberly Kagan, Robert Kagan’s sister-in-law, is the founder of the ISW, which is the source of much of the fake news. Most curious, even the New York Times wrote about this Kagan family that they were really leftists and very outspoken to the point of manipulating whatever to gain their view of the world. The question is, just why is this family such warmongers?

There is a MAJOR conflict of interest. Victoria Nuland is really of Ukrainian Jewish descent. Her family changed their name to try to hide their Ukrainian-Jewish ethnic background. She married Robert Kagan. Victoria speaks Russian, French, and some Chinese. Hiding her Ukrainian-Jewish background is critical. Her father was raised by parents who were Orthodox Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants from Ukraine. Hence, her grandparents were Jewish Meyer Nudelman (1889-1958) and Vitsche Lutsky (1893-1941). This explains why Nuland has been a public proponent for Ukraine to wage war against Russia.

DO NOT regard anything from the ISW as independent or reliable.