Having Children is the Most Destructive Thing the Planet?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Population Re-Posted May 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

These people are truly insane. If they believe that humans are the most destructive thing on this planet, then they should lead the way to mass suicide. It makes one think that perhaps in protest, we need to go have as many children as possible, for the birth rates have been declining. I have been in discussions in Europe, and the main reason they have welcomed the immigrants is that their birth rate has declined, and their social programs are collapsing. By allowing the immigrants into Europe, the true objective was to increase the workforce in hopes of sustaining the Socialist system and retirement plans that are crumbling.

Gates has won the day. He is having all of these environmentalists taking grants from his foundation to put out studies to support his position of reducing the population.

Melinda Gates to Divorce Bill – Hallelujah

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted May 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Bill and Melinda Gates are filing for divorce. The inside scoop is she has not been happy with his direction of changing the world and all the hate mail directed at them. It was really just a question of time. What Bill Gates has set out to force the world to ZERO CO2 and to reduce the population has gradually eaten away at Melinda. Some suggest that she has an inner conscious about humanity which is absent from Bill. This will be a most interesting DIVORCE for it seems to actually fit with our models.

I published this forecast on Gates back on May 8, 2020. I warned back then that this was the peak of his eighth 8.6-year wave which hit April 28th, 2020. Gates’ and Schwab’s attempt to take over the world using scare tactics is a very dangerous proposition. I warned that the “ideal peak in his power may have taken place on April 28th and that is good news for us. If this proves correct, he should be in for a fall in prestige and power going into 2024.”

His divorce is actually coming right on target. It is actually a welcome piece of news that his wife is divorcing him. It pretty much confirms that the peak in his power was indeed April 2020 when he launched this Great Reset. Perhaps all the hatred being poured out against Gates has finally made Melinda see the real person that he is – a very dangerous individual. The peak of his 8.6-year personal cycle also marked 26 years of his marriage.

Hallelujah – the Self-Annoited Health Czar of the World has reached his peak!


Great Reset & Fake Pandemic

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Apr 29, 2021 by Martin Armstrong


It’s one thing to steal an election, create a border crisis(when there was none) and then orchestrate an alleged attack on the Capitol, thus creating the perfect recipe for another attempt at impeachment.

But with complications now surfacing with these vaccines(and follow on boosters, which by design are to ensure a continuous feed of data into Big Tech), it appears the Lockdown states are now confronted with a serious dilemma: how to explain the drop in Covid cases and deaths in the non-Lockdown states, many of which have dropped the mask mandates. These same Lockdown states, which are pushing the vaccine, are seeing no relief, populations fleeing, and more coercive policies possibly being put into place.

This brings us to Biden’s threat yesterday stating there will be no 4th of July celebrations if not enough people sign up for the vaccine! So, what is not mandated now becomes a threat of retaliation. Against everyone. Not just the vaxxers.

Is there any doubt Biden wants to shut down the economy again, following the lead of Europe? He is trapped by the promise of the vaccine with the reopening. But Europe can’t(or won’t) with problems surrounding vaccine safety and availability. And Europe’s success in the lockdown hinges on its practice in the US.

Marty, you mentioned something happening late summer. This seems right. Perhaps it is renewed crisis overseas, perhaps vaccine fatigue setting in, perhaps resistance building nationwide against wearing masks. It may even be more racial strife…we don’t know…Whatever the cause(s), it seems to me we are getting closer to some inflection point, people beginning to fight back, government sense they are losing the PR battle(Fauci…overexposed, mendacious, a serial liar)….and perhaps major problems surfacing with the vaccines…deaths, complications, which work against the architects of this scam. The tease of reopening foreign travel looks fleeting….people are staying domestic… which means people moving around…and nothing the government can do about it…..looks to me like this idiot(B) will declare some kind of national emergency…watch!


REPLY: August is, for some reason, a period when war and civil unrest rise. It often marks major highs in markets around Labor Day, like September 3, 1929, and so many others. This is not about health; it is all about climate change. The Panic Cycles we see and the chaos between August-September may very well be domestic civil unrest, most likely starting in Europe. Literally, thousands of people are contracting COVID after being vaccinated, and some are still dying. The CDC admits over 70 people have died after being vaccinated by COVID.

The politicians have used this virus for political gains to shut down the economy and reduce CO2. The WEF has been boasting that the lockdowns are working in saving the planet. Meanwhile, they are destroying civilization, and the future people thought they were entitled to. This will come to a head, and perhaps the August-September timeframe will be the time of reckoning.

The Real Danger of BigTech Censorship

Armstrong Economics Blog/Press Re-Posted Apr 28, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

When the oligarchs assassinated Caesar and Cicero put out a never-ending onslaught against Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 BC), Brutus (85-32 BC) issued a coin promoting that he killed Caesar on the Ides of March for the people. This was an early propaganda coin. However, in fact, the people supported Caesar against the oligarchy.

The Senate had to flee Rome because the people did not support them. Their champion was Caesar – not Cicero and Brutus. As for Brutus, Suetonius (Divus Augustus, 13) says that his head was sent to Rome to be thrown at the feet of Caesar’s statue.

Perhaps the greatest of all fake news reporters was none other than Cicero (104-43 BC). He was an Optimat (Oligarch) and thus was against Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) who was a member of the Populares (for the People) rather than the Oligarchs. The leader of the Optimates was none other than Cato. It was Plutarch who reported that when a friend of Cicero remarked that the constellation of Lybra was due to rise the next day, Cicero snapped – “Yes, by edict.”

This is merely an example that the Optimates were constantly complaining about every reform Caesar would make including the calendar which they would bribe the priest to delay elections. Because of the fake news of Cicero, even Shakespeare bought into it and painted Julius Caesar as a ruthless dictator. However, when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the cities all cheered and opened their gates. The Optimates had no support of the people for they were exploiting the Republic since they were the Oligarchs. It was Cato who instigated the Civil War.

Cicero paid not just with his life, but they cut off his hands and nailed them with his head on the Rostra in the Forum Romanum according to the tradition. According to Cassius Dio, Marc Antony’s wife Fulvia took Cicero’s head, pulled out his tongue, and jabbed it repeatedly with her hairpin in an act of final revenge against Cicero’s power of speech.

Every ruthless government in history has used the media for propaganda. This has been an ancient practice. Following the death of Nero, that was the end of the Julio-Claudian line. People jumped for joy and may believe that the Republic would then be restored. This is also when the Jews rebelled and thought they could now move to be independent and exist the Roman Empire. After a civil war, the military general Vespasian (69-79 AD) rose to power defeating his rivals. The Romans used the reverse side of the coins as newspapers announcing various events and victories. Vespasian had to crush the Jews or risk that other previous conquered lands might try the same solution of rebellion. The coinage of Vespasian marked the defeat of Judea and he proudly announced – “CAPTIA” proclaiming their defeat as a warning to all other provinces.

In October 1943, French citizens awoke to find the streets of Paris were littered with the United States $1 Silver Certificates of 1935. The French were overjoyed believing that Americans from the land where the streets were paved in gold,  had showered them with dollar bills following the defeat of the German occupation forces. However, upon close examination, not only did all the bills have the same serial number Y91033384A, but they unfolded, and inside was propaganda.

The front and the back of the folded leaflet were excellent reproductions of the genuine one-dollar bills. Inside was a vicious attack upon the United States and Judaism. The propaganda read:

This dollar is valid only if signed Morgenthau. The Minister of the United States Treasury is the Jew Morgenthau Junior, allied to the big sharks of international finance. All the Jewish symbols appear on this dollar: the Eagle of Israel, the Triangle, the Eye of Jehovah and the thirteen letters of the device, stars of the halo, arrows, olive branches and steps of the unfinished pyramid. This money is certainly Jewish! This dollar has paid for the Jewish war. The only message that the Anglo-Americans are able to address to us is: Will this dollar be enough to compensate us for the sorrows caused by the Jewish war? Money has no smell … but the Jew has one!”

Propaganda has been a powerful tool that has torn society apart and always seeks to divide and conquer.

This is the danger that mainstream media now threatens our very future. They are shameless and never reflect that what they are doing leads only to one conclusion. Why is CNN, the New York Times, and The Washington Post, the leaders of this cabal, joined by ABC, CBS, and NBC, acting in such a treasonous manner? What is the end objective? Sterilized genocide to save the planet? Chelsea Clinton, who Hillary is grooming for 2024, is now openly calling on Facebook to SILENCE Tucker Carlson. Such a move shows a complete disregard for the First Amendment and even Bill Gates advocating silencing all his critics — the “crazies” he calls them. Anyone who advocates silencing their opposition is a traitor to everything the American dream and Constitution stood for and generations were asked to lay down their lives to protect. These people have no place in a democratic society.

Free speech protected by the First Amendment. This means that I must respect that even Communists have a right to speak, for if I do not defend their right to speak, then I myself have no right to speak. Silencing the opposition is ruthless tyranny. Just look at history. It warns us of people like Chelsea Clinton and Bill Gates.

Why Does the Left Trust Gates but not Billionaires & Corporations?

Armstrong Ecoonmics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Apr 28, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

To me, it is astonishing that the left, who hates the rich and big corporations, will run around with masks and TRUST everything the vaccine companies and Gates say. I really cannot comprehend the sheer stupidity of these people. If I see someone wearing a mask simply walking down the street, I have no interest in even acknowledging them at all.

They are leading humanity down a very dangerous path.

Generals Calling for Overthrow of Macron

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Apr 27, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Macron has been following Gates and Schwab taking France into a very dangerous future where the racial tensions are rising because of the lockdowns and loss of jobs. These elitists have never had to live in the real world. They look down upon the rest of us as mere toys to play with our lives to fit their dreams of power and control. Gates may have been a ruthless businessman who propelled Microsoft to monopoly status. When he was forced to resign from Microsoft would be broken up under Anti-Trust Laws, he embarked on creating a monopoly in health to fulfill his father’s dreams of reducing population.

Now a group of generals in France has banded together and publicly called for the overthrow of Macron. Twenty retired generals have called for a military takeover if President Macron fails to halt the “disintegration” of the country at the hands of Islamists. These policies being directed from Geneva and Schwab’s World Economic Forum are at the core of the destruction of Europe. Under Macron, the French parliament passed a controversial bill on “global security” penalizing the dissemination of images of the police who have been beating the people. Meanwhile, Macron has banned domestic air travel all to push Schwab and Gates’ agenda.

Even the computer program used by Imperial College who takes grants from Gates is an absolute joke. Now others are starting to comment on this Imperial College code. This same expertise in creating fake programs that project doom & gloom for the planet because of global warming is also a joke. We are headed into serious cold weather which will last into the 2050s. This year saw the coldest April in 104 years, the second coldest since 1881, and the snowiest since 1986. Over in France, they have LOST 80% of its Wine crop this year due to extreme cold.

Should Zuckerberg & Facebook be Shut Down?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Apr 26, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Facebook deleted 120,000 member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions. I have stated before that I worked on Capitol Hill trying to make a difference both on taxation and converting Social Security into a wealth fund that actually invested instead of just buying government debt. I met with Dick Army, the House Majority Leader from 1995 to 2003. I was working to try to forge a compromise between Dick Army who was the champion of the Flat Tax and Bill Archer who was behind the Retain Sales Tax.

I was sitting in Dick’s office as he had his feet on the desk in his cowboy boots. He finally said to me that I knew cycles, and he could not support a retail sales tax without a Constitutional Amendment. As he pointed out when the cycle changed and the Democrats seized Congress, we would have both income and a sales tax. It was then and there I realized he was right. All my efforts were just a waste of time. The cycle would clearly change even before a constitutional amendment could be voted on by the states.

This is what Big Tech fails to understand. The cycle will flip and everything they have done to oppress all opposition will only lead to retribution. Their ruthless behavior will probably lead to them one day being dragged into the streets and killed. The Chinese would burn such people alive in the square. The French sent them all to beheaded.

Even the CDC is keeping track of all those impacted by the vaccines. So why is Facebook trying to pretend any side-effect must be suppressed. This is outright treason against the people and it is no different than the actions of the Nazis. This is not going to end nicely.

Civil War is Coming – GLOBALLY

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Apr 26, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

I have been in political meetings over the weekend. I cannot stress strongly enough that there are cracks appearing in this Great Reset Agenda. While Klaus Schwab’s evil dreams of redesigning the world may be spearheaded by corruption, bribes, and influence, the end goal is really not that distant from the Communist Revolutions and those of Adolf Hitler. Schwab may not command armies, but he has infiltrated just about every government to varying degrees. His little video shows his disregard for human life and everything to him is the environment with the fewer humans to muck-it-up the better.

I have been warning that historical research shows that if you turn the police and the military against the government and defend the people and their human rights, then such tyranny will always fall. While we are not yet at that point, the tide is turning. Not that the police and army will completely switch sides and provide the bloodless revolution, but what we are starting to see is the fragmentation of the military on a global scale.

The suffering in Europe has been far greater than that in the United States. In France, a host of military generals have penned a letter to President Macron that they can see the fermentation of civil war gaining support. Even in California, police were refusing to enforce the governor’s curfew back in 2020.  Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, created the Forum of Young Global Leaders in 2004 to control and indoctrinate young world leaders pushing his anti-freedom message. Annalena Baerbock in Germany is now being groomed to replaced Merkel and she is a member of Schwab’s Forum of Young Global Leaders.

Europe is totally in the hand of Klaus Schwab. Europe nows says it will be allowed only vaccinated Americans to travel to Europe. Everything has changed. Even the Oscars have been dreading this year. Those who have watched other award shows have collapsed by about 60%. The first Oscar Event was on May 16, 1929, so they have hit a 92-year low. Tourism is also going to be dead. I for one, have resolved myself that I will never again see Europe. What used to be – is no more. As this sinks in, frustration will rise to violence on a grand scale.

They say there was no real mass shooting waves under Trump who was pro-2nd Amendment and now there is a contagion of mass shootings under Biden who is anti-2nd Amendment. The real reason is the lockdowns and the massive loss of jobs and expectations for the future.

Meanwhile, inflation is rising everywhere. The shortage in chips has caused the production of new cars to move into crash mode.

NEVER in my wildest dreams did I personally ever expect that this insane agenda to actually redesign the world economy by destroying it first and then Build Back Better would have ever been entertained by intelligent people. Make no mistake about it, this slogan being used by world leaders come from Schwab and it was being used one year before COVID at the start of 2019 in Davos. This simply reminds me that Einstein was correct in his view of human intelligence.

Biden’s Policy to Double Gasoline Prices

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted Apr 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Biden’s objectives, or should I say the people really running his administration that does not include even Harris, is to DOUBLE gasoline prices which is Part-B of this plan to “Build Back Better” which first requires you to destroy the economy as it currently exists. Part A was using the lockdowns to end commuting and force the bulk of the people to work remotely. That would end commuting. Part B is to double the price of gasoline by shutting down pipelines and preventing drilling wherever possible. Of course with state taxes on top of gasoline, as you can see reaching $5 to $6 in California has been accomplished.

On the futures, the major resistance stands at the 2.20 level. We can easily see gasoline prices rise to test the $4 to $5 level by 2023. I have been warning that this election was NEVER between Trump and Biden – this was about a major change and the agenda was coming from a coordinated effort spearheaded by the World Economic Forum.