Islamic State Tightens Grip on Libyan Stronghold of Sirte

Source: Islamic State Tightens Grip on Libyan Stronghold of Sirte

And Obama first tells us ISIS is VJ team, then he tells us they are contained and then that they are not real Muslims — who is he kidding? He is either a total fool or a Muslim himself.

Germany Just Confirmed Everyone’s Worst Fears About Syrian Refugees

This is what the Muslims do and not just in Germany. However there are no Muslim extremists — what we call extremists are the ones that are actually following their faith properly.

Presidential Eligibility – Is It “A Matter of Faith” ?…

My understanding is in the case of Obama and Cruz they must swear an oath to the US Constitution after turning 18 and then they are ineligibleto be president. I think what they were trying to do is claim he never did swear allegiance and that made him ineligible.

Trump Responds to McCain: ‘We Are Not Exactly Loved By Many Muslims’

Trump is right and McCain is an old fool!

Is there any “real” difference between a robber or the tax man?

Government the New Robber Barons?


Any government first wants to protect itself above all else nothing else matter to those in power!

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Australian Gov’t Converting itself to a Dictatorship?


The Australian Government is introducing legislation that converts itself into a virtual dictatorship whereby it has sweeping powers to order any communication company to simply do whatever they command. The claim the powers are as always for national security to prevent spies and criminals from accessing communications. This is akin to government saying they want to outlaw murder so the way to prevent murder is to simply just kill anyone they “think” someone would murder. You cannot prevent spies and criminals by doing the same thing yourself. How did we ever exist as a society if the government didn’t read every single piece of mail involving everyone in the world before emails?

Ever since the 2015.75 turning point in government on the ECM, we have seen a new directive – take everything. Britain we see the same action as well as in France. The drive towards non-democratic forms of government is underway.

Obama Calls For Turkey To Close Syrian Border – Turkey Points To Mexico and says “Hypocrite”…

This is what happens when you have a president that things he is a president but has no clue what he is doing or who he is dealing with; in this case Putin who is a real leader where we agree with him or now. Maybe someday someone will figure out what Obama is but we do know one thing for sure and that is he does not have American values.

The Existential Threat – If You Think Trump is Under Attack Now – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…

As always Sundance nails it! The choice is very clear we elect trump or we give up our republic and become serfs again bowing to the globalists that become defacto Kings and Queens..

CNN reporter took orders from US State Dept

No real surprise here, we knew this was going on at some level and this just confirms it.


Sounds about right to me!