Flashback, Joe Biden Says He Understands Unchecked Inflation Would Pose a Real Danger to U.S. Economy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 10, 2021 | Sundance | 75 Comments

On Monday July 19, 2021, the White House occupant declared that inflation was temporary and would be “transitional”.  Current economists now refute that claim, as inflation continues to escalate at an alarming pace.   In July Joe Biden said (transcript):

“Now, I want to be clear: My administration understands that if we were to ever experience unchecked inflation over the long term that would pose real challenges to our economy. So while we’re confident that isn’t what we are seeing today, we’re going to remain vigilant about any response that is needed.”

Joe Biden was asked a follow-up question after his remarks:

Q Yes, thank you, Mr. President. At what point would you consider inflation unchecked to a point at which you would either consider taking action or you would want to see the Fed take action?

To wit Joe Biden responded:

THE PRESIDENT: “Yeah. There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way — no serious economist. That’s totally different”. (link)

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