There is Something Just Not Right – Papers Please!

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Nov 16, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

I think there is something wrong with the pattern when it comes to covid and the vaccines. It just do not add up. If the vaccines are about depopulation, then why does Gates vaccinate the people he would like to keep if he could choose? Why isn´t for example Africa the most vaccinated place instead of the western world and China etc. (look at a vaccination map)? The only way this adds up is if the covid vaccines are meant to protect against something worse that is to come. It would also explain for example why they want to vaccinate children and it would mean many overpopulated countries that do not get the vaccine could be hit very hard in a later stage, together with conservatives…
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ANSWER: Your point is interesting, but I do not believe the vaccines will suddenly kill the vaccinated in 2 or 3 years – at least intentionally. They may lower your immunity and make you more susceptible to new strains of viruses yet to appear. There seems to be a greater risk that they will impact fertility intentionally. But the side effects are serious and there are no studies that warn people with certain medical profiles not to take the vaccine as is the case with other vaccines on the CDC website. The MMR vaccine the CDC clearly tells who should not get vaccinated.

There is something VERY VERY VERY wrong here. This is from the CDC’s website, which clearly has a section on the measles vaccine (MMR), warning that those who have these conditions should NOT be vaccinated. That is absent with respect to COVID. Why?

Now here is the page from the CDC on the COVID vaccine. There is no section whatsoever to warn people who should NOT be vaccinated. Why? Once you have had a disease, you do not get vaccinated against that same disease. Politicians disregard that and still demand vaccination. There is something seriously wrong here. Nobody will answer the questions, and you are to be fired if you refuse, and there are no exceptions. For every other vaccine, there are exceptions, but not with COVID. This is no longer medical; it is political. Anyone who thinks the government cares about you is really living in fantasyland.

If we look at the madman of Australia, he has come out and told the people who are vaccinated that if they want to retain any freedom, they much are regularly vaccinated. In Austria, they are imprisoning people who are not vaccinated. Look beyond the United States and you will see this agenda unfolding. It is really to control the population. They know when government fails, there will be an uprising. To prevent civil unrest, they are using these vaccines to control people. In Europe, you cannot travel without a COVID pass. With the situation varying from country to country, in Europe, traveling for the vaccinated across the EU is not entirely possible. What they do not want is resistance gathering from all over Europe into one place. They are reinstating the Nazi protocol – Papers Please!

The United States is different than Europe. Biden does not have the power to order lockdowns nationwide. His attempt to force vaccinations on companies with 100 or more employees is going through federal agencies which do not have such powers. That is why Biden is telling companies to ignore the courts. If that is legal, then likewise ignore all the COVID rules from Washington is also legal.

There will be further mutations of COVID and they are clueless about what they have unleashed. This is Pandora’s Box. They have no way of now knowing the mutations of this virus because it was created in a lab somewhere, probably not even China, and deliberately released for political control. I have been warning that any virus that co-exists in animals can NEVER be cured with a vaccine because it has a vast reservoir to mutate. Even leopards in the zoo have died of COVID. It has been suggested that 40% of the deer population has gotten COVID.

I am NOT a doctor. I was taught that in high school health class. When a virus co-exists in animals, that is why we cannot cure a common cold or the flu. Our greatest risk is that this man-made virus will mutate far beyond what these people thought. Already, the people who are vaccinated are getting new strains of COVID and dying at a faster rate than the UNVACCINATED. This forced Gates to admit his vaccines do not work. He will come out with version 2.0 and the politicians will still use it to carry out their tyranny because they have so mismanaged the economy there is no saving this current version of socialism. In the old days, they would be dragging our politicians out of their fancy offices unto the street and either light them on fire as they did in a revolution in China, or they would behead them and parade their heads on a spike as they would in ancient Rome.

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