Widely Reported Thanksgiving Dinner Inflation Survey Claims You Can Feed Ten People For $53.31

Posted originally on the conservative tree house onNovember 18, 2021 | Sundance | 201 Comments

You might have heard media talking about the cost of the “average family Thanksgiving dinner” being 14% more this year than last year [Video Example].  The media is quoting a survey conducted by the Farm Bureau [DATA LINK].  The survey is an exercise in abject nonsense.  Before getting into the details, let’s give an example of how the media is reporting about it [20 seconds] WATCH:

According to the Farm Bureau data being promoted by the media in 2021, a full Thanksgiving dinner for ten people costs  $53.31  – which is 14 percent higher than last year.

FEED TEN PEOPLE for $53.31 ?

I had to look and see what fairy dust these people were smoking to come up with that number.

I found the Farm Bureau website, found the internal data and checked the shopping list pdf.  Here’s what they claim:

Keep in mind, this is presumably for TEN PEOPLE:

Anyone else see a whole lot of silly in this list?

(pdf link)

Good luck making that veggie tray with $0.89 cents worth of carrots and celery.  LOL

Anyone want to try going to the grocery store with $55 for Thanksgiving dinner for ten people?


All of it.

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