Journalists Refuse to Report on Worldwide Protests or They May Come After your Pets Next

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Nov 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Journalists who are spouting out the propaganda and support Gates & Schwab, have corrupted our society. Here are worldwide protests that they pretend do not take place. Once upon a time, Fauci said we would reach herd immunity when 70% of the population were vaccinated. Now the vaccinated are the people being rushed to hospitals as the immunity declines to other diseases as well. Now the miracle vaccines do not work and so boosters are rolled out every 6 months indefinitely for a disease that is not worse than the flu with lethal results. Now 5 million out of 7.8 billion is minimal. 1% of the population would be 78 million. Car crashes take about 1.35 million people who die in road accidents worldwide every year — 3,700 deaths a day. These journalists are aiding and abetting the destruction of Western society and they seem to know it.

The latest being talked about behind the curtain, we have too many pets that also put out CO2. They can get COVID and also should be vaccinated following the death of the snow leopards.

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