UPDATE: Cultural Marxist Propaganda Will Be Massive – Waukesha Officials and Feds Press Conference – Open Discussion Thread

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 22, 2021 | Sundance | 613 Comments

UPDATE:  Well, the presser is over and everything unfolded exactly as expected.  The “federal peacekeepers” are fully in control, and the playbook was once again fully displayed. Howie used to call the CRS the “tamp down committee,” and he’s right.  If you doubt the playbook, look at the predictions last night {GO DEEP} and this morning, and compare them to the outcome.

CRS activates the faith network. √ CRS hands out the scripts. √  Officials read the CRS talking points √… and the tamp down is executed.  Daniel Thompson was used exactly as predicted, and even the local officials said at the conclusion of the presser there would be “no further press conferences” to outline the ongoing investigation.  Everything is now in full ‘move along, move along… nothing to see here, folks,… move along‘ mode.   They need this to disappear fast, and so it will.

The decades-old peacekeeper playbook is entirely predictable.  The only good thing is that this event will open up more eyes to the federal control effort and the existence of the DOJ-CRS as a progressive federal agency to control public opinion. WATCH:

♦ Outlined Earlier – There are many new readers since we originally began highlighting the work of the DOJ Community Relations Service (DOJ-CRS) over a decade ago.  The Christmas parade attack in Wisconsin is the worst case scenario for the federal officials who shape American racial views for political control.  What you are about to witness is the largest CRS propaganda push in recent memory.

Race is used as a political tool by those who control the levers of power in the U.S. government.  Victims and perpetrators are defined according to how the dividing narrative fits their effort for political value. The progressive group deep inside the CRS are also called “the federal peacekeepers“, because they organize the nuances within the division to protect the system from outcomes they essentially create.

The CRS watches, and in many ways facilitates, politicians and federal officials stirring up racial strife.  The CRS supports cultural Marxism. However, when the inevitable violence surfaces, the CRS must control the backlash.   [NOTE: The CRS only activates when the minority supported group attack the majority non-supported group.]

The mass killing of white people in Wisconsin motivated by a black suspect -retaliating based on a false information created by federal officials, politicians and national corporate media- is the apex of predictable outcome from a national program of cultural Marxism.  They need this story to go away FAST.

The DOJ-CRS is our American social fabric abuser.  In this Wisconsin scenario, the progressive CRS has a major role to play in shaping the perspectives of victims away from the consequences of their activity.

Every resulting action is under the CRS control, and every word follows their script. Everything, including the excuses, justifications, tone and requests from the officials under the guidance of CRS, is purposeful propaganda.  The CRS assigns the public face of local response (it will likely be Daniel Thompson), and the CRS hands out the script that all local, state and media allies are required to follow.

The emergency response scripts are pre-written talking points for generic use when needed.   The emergency scripts are managed by officials within the Dept of Justice Community Relations Service and generally do not change over time.   Those initial talking points are deployed quickly once the attack occurs.  That initial emergency response took place last night and into this morning.  However, now the CRS will get down to the business of granular control with people on the ground in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

What I have just described sounds like something weird and conspiratorial, but it’s not.  It is really just another manifestation of what we witness from many of our political and justice institutions.

The DC system operators have used racial division for their own benefit for decades; however, the peacekeeper deployment has been refined, updated and refreshed with the advent of technology and social media.

The CRS primarily focuses on clouding, obfuscating and hiding motives from violent race-based attacks.  They will take a small innocuous possibility and expand it into the larger talking points if that helps to deflect attention away from the real racial motive of a violent attack.  Remember, the CRS primarily activates when the controlled minority group attacks the majority group.

The CRS stands aside when national media and politicians push a false narrative that benefits their objectives.  When a NASCAR garage pull down rope is falsely promoted as a noose, the CRS just watch and do not refute the claim.  When Kyle Rittenhouse is wrongfully accused of being a white supremacist the CRS do not get involved, they just watch and do not refute the claim.  These examples advance the objective of the cultural Marxists and are therefore not impeded.

However, when a supported minority group attack the majority group with a motive based on race, the CRS quickly jump into action.  That is the specificity of what they do, and the CRS have broad power and authority to carry out their operations because they are aligned with one side of the political continuum.

The CRS use allied media to shape their control over their defensive justifications and narratives.  The CRS also have a massive network within the faith-based community that act as partners for their mission.

The African Methodist Episcopal church (AME) is a major partner for the CRS in their objectives.  Their relationship goes back to the civil rights era, before the CRS was corrupted for unilateral political benefit.  There is also a large network of nationwide community activist groups who are part of the CRS rolodex.  The federal peacekeeper reach is massive and, because of the cultural sensitivity they use as a weapon, it is virtually unchallenged.

What we will witness today in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is entirely scripted by the DOJ Community Relations Service.  The CRS will want national attention on this attack to disappear quickly.  They will coordinate this effort by focusing any response to media on a local level.  The CRS do not want detailed national media coverage, so they shut out national media from the local pressers and shape the national coverage through specifically targeted distribution of controlled information.

Watch with new eyes and you will see it all very clearly.

Once you see the strings on the Marionettes, you can never go back to that time before when you did not see them….

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