Moonbat Leftists Pretending Not To Know Stuff, While Proclaiming the Need For Government Intervention in Speech Platforms

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 25, 2021 | Sundance | 191 Comments

Under normal circumstances I would not subject anyone to a video containing the most self-centered, pontificating, vile and horrible Hillary Clinton.  However, in this example it is Moonbat framework by the insufferable Rachael Maddow that needs to be seen.  Keep in mind, his show is one of the most watched on the Moonbat Speaks and NoBody Cares (MSNBC) network.

Mr. Maddow introduces his point by referencing how Big Tech removed the voices of people who were critical of Vladimir Putin in the recent election.

Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all removed content, and Maddow is jaw agape at the crushing blow to democracy and ‘free speech’ that such action highlights.

In framing his viewpoint – notice how the MSNBC host has to completely ignore that Google, Apple YouTube, Facebook and Twitter did exactly the same thing to any American voice who was speaking out against Joe Biden and/or questioning the results of the 2020 election.  This is a perfect example of how leftists need to ignore things in order to advance their ideological points.

There’s not a single CTH reader who could not destroy Mr. Maddow in a debate, simply by staying silent and then dropping the ‘how does that reconcile‘  hammer at the end of the cognitive dissonance:

What is it that concerns you?… Maddow digs hole deeper

How is that damaging to democracy?… Maddow digs with more detail

Removal or silencing of political speech is dangerous?….  Maddow now digs with more ferocious uptalk to make her case

TRUTH HAMMER DEPLOYED – Didn’t that just happen in the 2020 U.S. election with the voices of Trump supporters banned, censored, deplatformed and removed?…  Maddow  ::: D’oh, crickets :::

The broader point is –  professional leftists are now openly advocating for the removal of speech they do not like.  When they don’t like the argument they shout racism.  Essentially that’s the larger point behind wokeism.  They don’t like your speech, so your speech must be defined as violence, or racism, or (fill_in_blank).

Their goal is the reason for the Facebook whistleblower propaganda that was advanced a few months ago.  Leftist ideologues now want the information on the internet to be controlled by government.  These people are crazy and must be ridiculed into irrelevance.

(First 45 seconds, WATCH):

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