Sensing Biden Inflation Weakness China Hits U.S. Supply Lines With Shipping Cargo Quarantine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 27, 2021 | Sundance | 168 Comments

When you are at war, you target the enemy supply lines.  A cunning move by the smart Panda targets Joe Biden’s domestic inflation vulnerability.

Beijing can see Joe Biden under internal political attack caused by massive domestic inflation.  China also knows Biden is weak strategically, handcuffed by the leftist demand for climate change / energy policy, and Beijing can see the administration trying to deflect from the consequences of their economic and energy policy.

After the U.S-China summit, used by cunning panda to size up the potential for backlash, anything China can do to further gain dominant position is now just a matter of easy chess moves on the board of dependency.

Business Insider – China’s strict COVID-19 quarantines are making it difficult for ships to change crews, contributing to lags in the shipping process that could worsen the supply chain crisis.

The country has a zero-Covid policy and is imposing ever more stringent containment measures as it tackles its latest wave of outbreaks. On Halloween night, for example, 30,000 people were locked inside Shanghai Disneyland after just one COVID-19 case was detected. And in the northern city of Shenyang, arriving overseas travelers face a 56-day quarantine.

Now, the export hub is imposing mandatory quarantines of up to seven weeks — around 49 days — for Chinese seafarers returning from overseas, Bloomberg reported. These take place in designated facilities and are typically paid for by the employers, according to information posted on various China shipping websites.

The country has also banned crew changes for foreign seafarers, the media outlet reported. Even ships that had their crews changed out elsewhere need to wait before they can enter Chinese ports, Bloomberg added. (read more)

The team behind Joe Biden are playing checkers while Xi Jinping is playing chess.

This is the reverse scenario to how President Trump played the leverage game with Beijing.

Donald Trump saw China as the dependent nation in the geopolitical game of economics.  Beijing needed access to our markets more than we needed the Chinese products; and Trump treated them that way.  However, JoeBama sees the U.S. economy as dependent on China, and from that perspective Xi Jinping has the leverage.

Biden will acquiesce to the demands of the panda mask, and the red dragon wants the Trump tariffs removed.  Team Xi will now hint that supply chains might speed up again if Trump era tariffs are removed, and Biden will give in because all his policies make him the dependent.

Place your bets.

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