Sunday Talks, Allianz Group Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian Emphasizing Inflation is Not Transitory – Inflation is a Consequence of Embracing The Great Reset

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 28, 2021 | Sundance | 126 Comments

FULL Analysis Below Video:

Allianz Group chief economic advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, is one of the few financial pundits who understood President Trump’s purposeful economic agenda inside the America First policy {Go Deep and Go Deep}.  However, El-Erian also has to maintain his Wall Street credibility and, like most financial pundits, has to pretend not to know things when the emperor’s new clothes -Biden economics- are being discussed.

El-Erian uses the lingo of the club as he walks carefully in the shadow of his Wall Street allies, and he has to avoid the 800lb gorilla in the room and ignore there are other newly surfacing mechanisms available to the government in their approach to inflation.  In this interview El-Erian does emphasize that inflation is not transitory, it is only going to get worse as long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money to keep up with the massive and ongoing Democrat spending programs.

When El-Erian says the Fed needs to take their foot off the accelerator, he’s talking about how the Fed policy right now is purchasing debt (Quantative Easing) and printing money to keep up with legislative spending programs.  He knows the Biden administration will not stop this approach, they are committed to the Build Back Better program, and as a consequence El-Erian knows inflation will continue in direct proportion to that ‘demand side‘ activity.  But he cannot call it out directly – he can only say inflation will continue.

All of the Wall Street pundits know the Fed cannot hit the brakes (raise interest rates and stop purchasing debt) or else this entire manipulated economy (even on a global scale) will collapse; as El-Erian says “plunge into a recession.”  It is a tenuous house of cards the current Wall Street crew is betting to remain in place due to the ideological politics (Green New Deal, Build Back Better, etc ).

In my opinion, the executive suites of Wall Street also know the new COVID variant Omicron is an attempt by the global market manipulators to put an tenuous emergency brake on the demand side in an effort to slow inflation and get people to drop pitchforks.

None of the financial pundits will admit the true intent of the narrative behind the Omicron variant.

We can debate the origin and ideological intent of the COVID virus, vis-a-vis controlling populations via passports etc; however, it is clear at this point that COVID is being exploited as a new tool in the global economic control toolbox.  If money -global economic control- was not the motive behind how SARS-CoV-2 is being used, we could not predict the timing, methods and approaches of government to each COVID narrative and evolving variant.

Globally, the various governments and central banks have been pumping out massive amounts of money; spending into oblivion and then buying back their own debt.  Currencies around the world are being devalued and this is the root of inflation.  The U.S. has spent and pumped more than most, because we benefit from our currency being attached to the global trade system.

Almost all global trade is made in dollars, so our currency is propped up globally.   This artificially inflated value allows the U.S. congress to deficit spend like crazy, and the Fed to purchase the debt via bond sales.

This one-sided benefit is why OBL targeted the World Trade Center.  This artificial system is also why Biden can claim the U.S. GDP is the only economy growing during the pandemic.

The U.S. dollar is essentially being subsidized by global markets.  However, the downside to all of this dollar printing means our rate of inflation (currency devaluation) is higher than other nations.   The world is experiencing inflation from their internal monetary policy, but our inflation is higher than average.   As a consequence, the people in control of various governments need the tool of Omicron, but our government needs it more than average.

The elites inside the World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Economic Forum (WEF) are using Omicron as a short term tool to control inflation by trying to use it to control demand.  The politicians who receive their instructions from the entities in control of these institutions are all following the program.

It is more important for our government to use Omicron than all other governments because we are the spending center.  That is why we are seeing a much bigger emphasis upon it by our government; and that is why the descending levels of variant emphasis all fall in line depending on how closely they are aligned as allies.

♦ When it comes to COVID panic – Canada, the U.K. and Australia are globally akin to New York, New Jersey and California domestically.

♦ What Florida is to COVID panic inside the U.S.  –  Japan and India are to COVID panic globally.

Panic responses from spending allies are being emphasized.  Non-panic responses from lesser spending friends are being ignored.

That is exactly what we are seeing.  The vaccines are a shiny thing.

On a geopolitical level – China, Iran and Russia (adversaries on an ideological level) know what is happening, and to the extent they can drive inflation even higher, they will because they know these massive increases in costs hurt the U.S. disproportionately.   This is why OPEC is giving Biden the middle finger on his ‘request’ to increase oil production, and that is why China is now triggering shipping quarantines.

Hope that makes sense.

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