The Big Tech Empire Worried About The Rise of the Alternative Media Platforms and The Rebel Alliance

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 6, 2021 | Sundance | 209 Comments

There is a tremor in the dark force that encompasses the totality of the Big Tech control platforms.  An interesting article from Axios notes the Tech oligarchs, and multinational corporate behemoths [Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc] that manipulate and control information, are starting to worry about the new “right-wing” architecture that is creating alternate platforms.

It is important to keep a solid reference point in the front of our mind when we review any details about the information war.  The Fourth Branch of Government has strong dependency on their public-private partnership between Big Tech and govt/intelligence networks.

It is a partnership of mutual benefit.  U.S. government officials use their political power to direct the filtering mechanisms of Big Tech.  In return, the tech empire facilitates the reelection of political officials to support the network.

However, a large and growing band of rebels have been assembling platform architecture outside the controls of Big Tech.  The method of delivering what you are reading right now was created specifically as part of this architecture.   A growing network of dissident people in/around the tech industry continue to build the framework for alternative platforms on the internet, and now Big Tech is starting to realize it is actually possible for ants to eat an elephant.

Notice how the focus of concern from within the Axios article is not about the creation of the alternative platforms per se’; what the Empire is really angered about is that money is available to support the rebel alliance.  “Many of these efforts couldn’t exist without the backing of major corporate figures and billionaires who are eager to push back against things like “censorship” and “cancel culture,” the Empire says; as the officials inside the system gnash their teeth in anger.

That section under “why it matters” tells us the Empire storm troopers, FBI, DOJ and government regulatory agencies, are likely to target the financial mechanisms, people and groups, who help fund the Rebel Alliance.   Watch for it.

The Empire is worried about these cloud-based hosting possibilities and the creation of server banks to support dissident voices.  Everything from video platforms and book publishing companies are being created outside of the control of the Empire.  They are starting to worry how their business models will be affected as their audience shrinks. Thus, the government subsidizing of these Big Tech platforms is likely to become more prevalent in the future.

[Read Axios Article Here]

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