Wow, Media Openly Advising Public to Use The Safari Rules When Entering Democrat Municipal Regions

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 6, 2021 | Sundance | 352 Comments

An inevitable evolution now takes place as rampant crime, violence and anarchy take over the municipal regions controlled by leftists and Democrats.  What is described, in the video excerpt from ABC news in Maryland, is what we have described as the “Safari Rules.”

As stunning as it may seem at first glance, the media are informing the public on how to behave when entering any area were Democrats are in charge of civil society.  It is important not to accept this new normal; instead think about this broadcast in the larger picture of what it represents.  The media no longer question if you will be attacked; the media are now advising us on how to mitigate our pending attack.  The attack itself is a foregone conclusion.

The deeper blue the region, the more dangerous the crime within it.  This is the natural outcome of policy on a local level that allows criminal elements to operate without fear or accountability.   Smash and grab robberies, armed robberies, carjacking, looting and the general breakdown of law and order is well underway in the municipal regions under the control of the Democrat Party apparatus.

These outcomes are the natural cause and effect from leftist policy being carried out.  This is exactly the type of social anarchy that is predictable from a process of demonizing law enforcement, promoting social justice and letting the criminal elements within society take over.

The evolution of the Safari Rules has been ongoing for several years; however, now it appears the point of no return has been crossed.   The situation is no longer reversible because the law enforcement mechanisms have been deconstructed entirely.   Additionally, the application of law and consequence has been withdrawn from the system.


People trapped within the blue regions are now directly being told to follow the Safari Rules.

In essence, the underlying elements of the Safari Principle narrative begin with a pretense that victims of the mob, any mob or individual predator, have no one except themselves to blame because they did not follow the rules of the safari.  When in the proximity of any person, event or situation that is engaged in an unlawful act supported by the political left, you are not permitted to exit your vehicle or engage in activity that will lead to your targeting.

If you enter their “space to destroy“, you are to blame for your own outcome.  The safari narrative includes catch phrases like “he/she should not have gotten out of the car,” and “she/he shouldn’t have traveled to (fill_in_blank)”, or “he/she should have known better when…“, etc. 

2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake then became a public advocate for the Safari Rules when she proclaimed her decision to let the riots, looting and arson continue, as it was intended specifically to give the mob “space to destroy.”  Despite the dozens of property owners who saw their shops, stores and livelihoods go up in smoke, the rules of the safari took precedent.

Again, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minnesota, the rules of the safari became evident when looting, arson and riots were defined as “expressions of speech.”  All violence supported by the political left is considered speech, while speech opposed by the left is defined as violence.

Because the visible chaos did not align with the gentle media descriptions of “protests“, the corporate media decision was to modify the language used to describe the arson and riots by using the term “mostly peaceful protests,” that term has stuck within the visible chaos over the past few years in various forms.  Obviously the word “mostly” is a relative term , and that provides the flexibility needed to convince viewers the violence they are witnessing isn’t really the violence they are witnessing.

After years of this type of obfuscation and denial, ordinary life in the deep blue regions has become untenable.  Rampant looting and lawlessness is now the new normal, and don’t look for it to get any better in the near future.

The taller the blue spike, the more likely the violent crime.  All of the urban areas with Democrat policy are the most dangerous in the nation.  The safe places to live are fewer and fewer as the urban regions expand their influence.

Borrowing from Twain, history may not always repeat, but it darn sure rhymes.  These same blue regions like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles were barely livable in the 1970’s, most people have forgotten how bad things were.

What is happening now in these deep blue regions is essentially a circle of cause and effect.

Unfortunately, now those metropolitan areas have expanded into more states and regions from Houston (TX) to Minneapolis (MN) to Atlanta (GA) and even smaller areas like Asheville (NC).  If Democrats are in charge of municipal policy, those areas will experience increases in violent crime and property theft.   Increases in all types of crime are the natural outcome of diminished law enforcement.

The current rise in federalism will likely save the republic; however, those who live in the deep blue regions within blue states are now specifically responsible for following the Safari Rules if they wish to survive.

None of this is accidental, this massive crime wave is an outcome of ideology.  However, and this is the important part to emphasize, unlike previous times when this cycle of violence took place – this time there is no capacity to reverse course.  There are no police or law enforcement left in these regions with the motivation or support to save you.

If you can leave, get out.  If you cannot leave, at least arm yourself while you still can.

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