New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden Declares There Will Never Be an Endpoint to the Vaccination Program Due to the Need For Boosters

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 7, 2021 | Sundance | 350 Comments

Approximately three years ago New Zealand’s smiley-faced Fascist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, replaced Angela Merkel as the female messiah to the global progressive movement. Everything about Arden, including her worldviews on politics, is carefully controlled and scripted for public display {Go Deep}.

Prime Minister Arden rose to international prominence on her virtue signaling around climate change.  The evolution of her leftist credentials continued with COVID-19 ideology including her positions on virus mitigation, insane lockdowns, geographic bubble dictates and her over-the-top vaccine mandate push.

Today the New Zealand Prime Minister appears on camera to say there will never be an endpoint to the objectives around SARS-CoV-2, including the need for an endless series of booster jabs that will require government enforcement. WATCH (30 seconds):


Has anyone else noted a common characteristic in people holding leadership positions (politicians and private sector) with speech impediments?

I’ve been making random notes for several years about a common set of personality characteristics amid those who have speech and linguistic impairments.  It could be just coincidental but there’s an aggressive, in an assertive to the point of weirdness way, in the general disposition of people with speech impairments that rise in influence.

I know it seems like an odd thing to notice, but you can see it everywhere.  I’ve often wondered if it is caused by how they were treated as children by their peer group.

It’s too common a coincidence to be random.  I’m not talking about stutters or slurs in words caused by physiological challenges, I mean people who have physical challenges that impair their speech.  Many people with pronounced jaw, teeth or palate issues, to the level that causes them to have speech challenges, seem to lean toward unstable (lacking common sense) positions on things.

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