President Biden Pledges to Provide Billions in Economic Benefit to Russia Through the Build Back Better Climate Change Program

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 7, 2021 | Sundance | 87 Comments

Many Americans have no idea that Russia is an OPEC member.  Even fewer recognize that Russia’s primary economic export is energy via oil and gas.  Oil and gas exports drive the Russian economy.  Any U.S. policy that drives up the value of oil and gas directly enhances the economy and influence of Russia.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s specific energy policy shutting down U.S. energy exploration, Russia’s economy is booming and has made billions more in the sales of high priced oil and natural gas into Europe and the global marketplace.  That increased oil and gas revenue is directly responsible for Russia’s ability to expand militarily in the region.

So when it comes to threats, like Russia annexing even more of Ukraine as a strategic objective…. Joe Biden is strengthening Russia on one hand and threatening the strength of Russia with the other.  Russian President Vladimir Putin sees this with clear eyes.

Meanwhile the NATO partners who *claim* to be worried about Russia (they’re really not) are the same nations that are buying the oil and gas from Russia.   This was the ridiculous economic dynamic President Trump confronted when he challenged NATO on their energy and national security policies.   Tucker Carlson discusses this:

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