Munich Protest & Others being Ignored by Governments

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Dec 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

There was a massive protest in Munich on the 8th against this COVID Tyranny. Of course, governments do not care for the real agenda is to completely wipe out democracy and usher in Schwab’s Great Reset. They have been using this virus as merely a tool to achieve their political restructuring. While people argue over the PCR test, whether this is a virus, and what are the side-effects of the vaccines, all of that is a distraction and they could care less how many people die from COVID or the vaccines. This is solely about their political power for governments can no longer borrow endlessly. Their negative interest rates have destroyed the European bond market and the pension funds. There is no turning back. The only ultimate recourse will be violence which will rise in 2022.

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