Communist Congresswoman Pressley Says Failing to Cancel College Debt Is Policy Violence

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 17, 2021 by Sundance

Among other things annoying about their collective nonsense, the communist Democrats are linguistic agitators. While known for their insufferable victimhood positions in all of their arguments, this latest example highlights just how insane and ridiculous this AOC tribe has become.

Originally, they moved from “silence is violence“, to speech they didn’t like hearing about being called violence.  Indeed, anything the leftists do not like, they find some way to equate it with violence against them.  At a certain point it all becomes silly, and the frustrated audience tells them to shut up, and stop being stupid.

However, not going to be denied the opportunity to spread the moonbat nonsense, a member of the AOC squad, Ms. Ayanna Pressley, now rises to say that if American taxpayers do not forgive the mountain of student debt (created by attending college to learn how to be a better communist), then taxpayers are being violent against her:

Anger is a very visible response from the leftists whenever their policies are rejected.  The modern political left does not view rejection as a rebuke of their ideology, instead they view rejection as a need to push harder.

From the generation of new communists, insanely narcissistic people created by parents who were jaw-droppingly coddling and overindulgent, they need to reeducate their target.  They need you to change your thinking and perspectives from incorrect thoughts they don’t agree with to correct thoughts that align with their selfish worldview.  To achieve this outcome, the only acceptable path is to push their insanity even harder.

They have learned from their emotional experiences as children that eventually every parent will relent.  There is now an entire generation who apply that experience toward their bosses, their colleagues and every interaction in their life.   Yes, if you put anyone from this generation into a position of power or influence, what you get is exactly what Pressley and the AOC tribe are doing.  Their worldview is based on a cognitive and emotional inability to contemplate their ideology is flawed.

The emotion of their views is the motive for their effort. As a result, they are incapable of changing direction.  From the perspective of the modern political left, if they were to change direction, they would be rejecting the foundation of their own personal value.  They cannot do that.  It’s not them that are wrong -ever- it’s you.

Those who do not adhere to the insane ideological goals of the far left, are viewed as the problem that must be overcome.  Their emotional attachment to ideology is why these avowed and ideological followers cannot be redeemed or coerced into reasonable positions with any logical argument.  Instead, you must be re-educated to see their worth, to value their ideology… you, the person or group who stands in their way, will always be viewed as the problem.

If you are silent to their proclaimed victim status, you are committing violence against them.

If you state a viewpoint they disagree with, you are committing violence against them.

If you do not give them what they want, or feel they need, you are committing violence against them.

They then sit around with each other in large gatherings and echo chambers discussing the validity of their ridiculous grievances.   This is all they do.  This is who they are.  This is all they know how to be.

Failing to accept the fundamental set of core beliefs within the modern political left, is a flaw on the side of those who engage in the battle for ideas.  It doesn’t matter how good your ideas and policies are, even when you deliver results to prove your accuracy, this specific victim-minded opponent will always revert back to attacking the success based on their view of your wrongthink.

Arguing with a political leftist, in the hope they can be convinced to change direction, is futile.  They are disassociated on a mental and emotional level from any semblance of a capacity to consider they may be wrong.

This is why you can never let up in the fight against them.  Even in victory, the blue-collar working class common sense approach must be relentless.  The modern left has to be destroyed on such a scale as their dangerous ideology is reduced to burning embers; however, do not trick yourself into believing it will ever be fully extinguished.

History has taught us that even when the professional political left is seemingly wiped out, enough will remain waiting for another Obama type personality to blow them gently into a state of reignition…. and the cycle will start again.

Democrats, today’s modern communists, believe in what they are doing, and they will never retreat from their doing it.   The modern political left is intent on destroying the foundation of this nation.  That is their mission, and this fight must be viewed through the urgency of a prism where we accept this is a zero-sum game.

If you are considered the enemy of the modern leftist movement, they will seek your destruction.  The only way to fight this adversary is with brutal hand-to-hand combat where you never, ever, concede an inch.

For God’s sake, if you need a reference point, 27% of them are willing to put an untested vaccine into the arms of their children -without hesitation- to protect against an illness that is non-existent.  Do you really think it’s possible to rationally debate them?

Instead, meet Obama’s “Yes we can“, or Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better“, with a much stronger and unapologetic “Fuck You, Joe Biden“….

That’s how we defeat the insane communists!

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