Sunday Talks, Joe Manchin Confirms He Is a Hard No on Biden Build Back Broke Bill

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 19, 2021 | Sundance | 172 Comments

Interesting choice of media outlets for his final nail delivery.  Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) appears on Fox News to confirm the Build Back Better negotiations are done, and he’s done, and the $4.5 trillion legislation is dead.   During the expanded explanation by Senator Manchin, he points to two primary issues with the bill.

First, it is a massive takeover of the U.S. economy, and the basic outline of the bill details never changed.  The ‘negotiations‘ that were taking place amounted to the White House putting an ever shorter end date on the legislation.   The Senate was giving the appearance of a lower cost by shifting the sunset clause; however, from beginning to end the scope of the legislation never changed.

Second, the issue of inflation has been created by Joe Biden policy.  Regulations, energy policy, monetary policy, reckless fiscal policy and massive spending have led to massive inflation.  Manchin explains how inflation is not sustainable for his constituents in West Virginia.

In my opinion, Manchin is positioning himself for a Democrat presidential race.

It is not coincidental that Manchin makes this statement today, on Fox News, as polling shows massive drops in support for Joe Biden.  Manchin knows he is sitting in a spotlight of an inflection point.  Manchin is politically astute and cunning to the ways of politics.  Manchin comes across as meek and mild-tempered, a man of reasonable disposition… but that doesn’t accurately portray his cunning.  This is his chance to make a big move.

Senator Joe Manchin also knows that Democrats are going to implode, as the Obama allied communist puppet masters behind Biden have a one term agenda to exploit their control over the dementia patient currently occupying the White House.  Manchin knows the collapse of the Democrat Party is his opportunity.  He also knows THE REALITY behind the released Marist Poll [data here] showing a majority of non-communist Democrats want nothing to do with the senile occupant of the White House.

Manchin is again making a BIG club move by positioning himself as reasonable right now.

Manchin is testing his strength.

Manchin will likely be the #1 contender in 2024, and he knows it.

Manchin is cunning.

Manchin is not only reaching out to ‘moderate’ registered Democrats….

Manchin is reaching the minds of registered Republicans.

Manchin is a very worthy adversary…

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