Biden Views on Main Street Economics Make No Sense, Even When He Shouts About Them

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 21, 2021 | Sundance | 239 Comments

Joe Biden makes no sense, and unfortunately Joe Biden doesn’t know he makes no sense.  Instead, the current installed occupant in the White House just shouts about talking points the champagne socialists bring up at their cocktail parties.

Overall inflation is crushing the middle class on a cross-sectional scale I have never before witnessed in my lifetime.  Every sector of the economy on Main Street is simultaneously under fire from unavoidable massive increases in prices on all types of goods.

Food, fuel, energy, gasoline, transportation, raw materials, every single sector is under massive inflationary pressure.  Biden believes that he can offset these massive costs to the average American worker by providing subsidies for some childcare, some education and some prescription costs.  He really believes this, yet everything about this subsidized cost approach is wrong.   Listen to the longer version of his explanation (3 minutes):

Despite the popularity of these leftist talking points, there’s no truth to them.

The government cannot subsidize its way to prosperity by redistributing the wealth of workers.  The government cannot stop inflation and simultaneously print money. The high cost of childcare is not keeping women out of the workforce.  Nothing is free from the federal government.  The federal government earns no income, it confiscates the income of workers.

The “17 Nobel Laureate” economists he proclaims support his Build Back Better deal to reduce costs for the middle class are the same “17 Nobel Laureate” economists who claimed, wrongly, inflation was “transitory” six months ago.  They have since retracted their prior claims, because it was all based on nonsensical Wall Street propaganda.

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