The Economy is Doing So Well, the White House Extends Loan Repayment Freeze for 90 Days

Posted originally on the conservative tree house December 22, 2021 | Sundance | 132 Comments

The White House occupant cannot afford to lose the little support he has left from the fractured sheeple masses and special interest groups.

With polling collapsing Biden’s influence on an almost daily basis, Chief of Staff Ron Klain deployed the puppy strategy. Not surprisingly that fell flatter than curling ice, and making matters worse, people realized to the Biden family dogs are politically disposable tools for optics only.  Add on the rebuke of the Build Back Better spending boondoggle and, well, there’s panic in the corps.

According to the White House, the U.S. economy is doing great, things are perfect and getting better.  The economy is doing so well, students can’t afford or find jobs to pay back their loans.  Wait a min.., wha… huh?

WHITE HOUSE – […] “today my Administration is extending the pause on federal student loan repayments for an additional 90 days — through May 1, 2022 — as we manage the ongoing pandemic and further strengthen our economic recovery. Meanwhile, the Department of Education will continue working with borrowers to ensure they have the support they need to transition smoothly back into repayment and advance economic stability for their own households and for our nation.” (read more)

Pay no attention to the conflicted messaging.  You are not allowed to ask the question: if the economy is so great, then why do former college students need even more time to start paying back their loans?   Remember, in order for moonbat Democats to continue advancing their insane ideology, they must pretend not to know things.

We have another three months before we need to find a job, cool.

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